Hunter children with black eyes says: he managed to remove one of them

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Охотник за детьми с черными глазами уверяет: он сумел снять одного из них

American researcher of such mysterious phenomena as children with black eyes, says that he was able to take video of one of them .

The researchers of the paranormal have long been interested in these creepy beings who pretend to be children, but their extraterrestrial nature eyes black as coal, without the pupil and proteins. For the first time these terrible monsters appeared in the early nineties of the last century in the United States, though perhaps it is a paranormal phenomenon has a longer history, just in the nineties about them, first the Newspapers and then picked up this theme, various Internet resources.

Who are these kids with black eyes, no one knows. Some researchers paranormalen suggest that they may be ghosts or evil spirits, others believe that this is some kind of vampires, ufologists tend to believe that aliens are disguised. Who is right, is almost impossible to prove, as in the different stories the children with coal eyes behave differently, however, always able to scare the person and then literally disappear into thin air.

The cases of children with black eyes to some of the people hurt or even scared to death, not seen, in our world, however bessledno missing every year tens of millions of people, so the number of those missing may be the victim of monsters with black eyes.

An American researcher who wanted to remain incognito, for several years now to hunt for these mysterious creatures. In Internet on the hosting YouTube, you can find several videos in which he tells us, as is spending this threat, in General, the experiment, placing in his house all sorts of traps for these phantoms.

At some point the American has found and even managed to record the strange low-frequency signal, which was accompanied by the appearance of children with the coal eyes. When the idea is not only to see but also to record it all on video, Explorer a couple of nights lure monsters this low-frequency signal. And his efforts were crowned with success. On the fifth night, a teenage girl with black eyes and long black hair appeared at the front door of his house and was caught by a surveillance camera.

Охотник за детьми с черными глазами уверяет: он сумел снять одного из них

As says the American, she stood on the porch, according to the recording cameras, for almost an hour, and then disappeared — vanished into thin air.

Video anonymous American researcher were subjected to analysis professionals, since much of it is them just seemed staged and professionally mounted. However, footage of a teenage girl, which came on the fifth day in videosource American, many experts have recognized the real. In any case, it only proves until a well-known fact that children with black eyes – not urban legends and real-life anomalies. At the same time remains a mystery, what kind of monsters and whether they represent a real danger to people?..

Video: Hunter children with black eyes says: he managed to remove one of them

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