Contrary to science artifacts are often hidden

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Противоречащие науке артефакты часто скрываются‍

Experts from abroad saying that some of the mysterious artifacts are contrary to scientific dogma, and the theory of evolution. So such items are not very convenient for a standard scientists, and about them no one says society.

Experts have been noticed some members of the tribe living in new Mexico in the United States. It is worth noting that their language is very similar to the Japanese, and they can easily talk to the natives of Japan.

It is worth to mention here about another riddle: discovered the head from clay figurines. This discovery was made in the valley of Toluca during the archaeological excavations. Research suggests that the object made in Ancient Rome in the first Millennium BC However still nobody knows how the artefact overseas.

About 5 years ago in one County of the U.S. state of Montana archaeologists announced the artifact in the form of horns of this mysterious prehistoric creatures, like a Triceratops. His age find this reaches no more than 40 thousand years, which suggests that it is possible to deny the fact of the extinction of the dinosaurs approximately 65 million years ago. In most cases such discoveries are rapidly hide, because their existence is contrary to generally accepted facts and customary for all the universe.

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