Reincarnation should not just know – it is necessary to live

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О реинкарнации нужно не просто знать – ею нужно жить

Today, thanks to the Internet and free access to the esoteric literature, perhaps, only the most stubborn people do not know anything about reincarnation – the rebirth of our souls. However, it gives an ordinary person? Most often, nothing. Because of reincarnation should not just know – it is necessary to live, knowing with every cell of your body, no one in this Universe, neither birth nor death, but only travels to various embodiments .

Not accidentally, the Indian Saint and mystic bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who lived and preached spiritual truths in the last century, bequeathed to write on his tombstone the following words: «I’d never been born and never died, I only visited this world.» Although then still followed the traditional date of the birth and death of the great teacher, by themselves, they showed only the time in which this Saint was the guest on Earth.

What gives us the knowledge about reincarnation, and why the religions of the West dipped this knowledge of his teachings? The fact that the idea of a personal immortality, that each of us came into this world only to pass the next lesson gives a person unlimited strength, wisdom, peace and ultimately, happiness. However, this is not included in the calculations of the servants of Darkness, that’s why reincarnation was etched with a hot iron out of textbooks and even the ancient teachings on which it was built, for example, Christianity.

It may seem strange, and why today nobody forbids us know about reincarnation? But to know and to live it is not the same thing. The idea of eternity of the soul should be absorbed, as they say, mother’s milk, as it was many centuries ago, she has since early childhood to enter into a flesh and blood person. And if not, then its true understanding and awareness in the soul requires a kind of revolution — something akin to spiritual enlightenment, about which so like to speak of religious mysticism. But it can today, unfortunately, the unit, while in earlier times, eternal life was seen as a matter of course…

Depriving a person of knowledge about the immortality of the soul, the servants of Darkness have managed to impose to the world about the truth, with the result that everyone becomes a well-controlled, «herd», which is easy to carry along sweet carrot to the physical world or bully torments of hell after death. Not here there are all the attempts of scientists to make eternal life on Earth?..

The most interesting that every human is born with the knowledge of reincarnation, because at the time, he just makes the transition from one to another world. But parents who themselves have lost this divine truth in the power of modern education inspire to the kid what you want, but not the idea of immortality. And then the child will face the same «mundane» kids and schools «scientific» institutes and academies, the same befuddling or intimidating environment. So instead of person grows up a slave, not remembering their relationship and knows nothing about the structure of the divine universe…

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