Evidence of the coming of the aliens in art

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Свидетельства пришествия инопланетян в искусстве

The problem paleovizita beginning to be studied thoroughly since the middle of last century. And even more than that, it served as a basis for the development of technology and science.

Many researchers are convinced that after the entry of humanity into the space age, science has made a huge step in its development. When man started to conquer near-earth space and there is a rapid development of Astronautics, the scientific world began to appear thoughts about the possibility of interstellar expeditions to a highly developed alien civilizations.

The basis for the development of science was based on the possible options of communication with extraterrestrial beings. All the thoughts of the people were captured by the space. It is not surprising that scientists around the world began to seek means to communicate with brothers in mind in outer space. Thus, scientists who were engaged in the creation intended for receiving and studying the cosmic signal apparatus and instruments, began to look for ways to improve earth technology, the study of near-earth space.

The problem of alien visits began to discuss not only among scientists and politicians, but also among the General public. And despite the fact that most of the proposed articles of the edition of the publications rejected as too daring, the data continued to arrive. Thus, in particular, we can recall the work of Russian scientist Mikhail Agrest called «the trail leads into space», which was published only a year after sending it to the editor. In it the author suggested a hypothesis about the so-called ancient astronauts, it is possible existed on our planet long before the development of spacecraft and space exploration in General.

According to ufologists, this theory has a right to exist. In particular, experts say that often the search for evidence of contact with alien civilizations were based on mythology, ancient written monuments, legends. Quite a lot of this kind of evidence scientists have discovered in the Middle East and neighboring regions. In biblical texts it is also possible to find evidence of the coming of the strange creatures. In addition, to the same point located in Lebanon, enormous terrace space, and an image of an astronaut on a rock in North Africa.

Evidence of possible presence on our planet and visitors from outer space can be found in the visual arts. Religious artists of centuries past in their paintings were often depicted strange objects. To determine exactly what it is, is impossible. UFOlogy say that thus was captured the ships of the alien invaders. At the same time, skeptics say about divine miracle or just meteorites. Some of these findings really are true – it is impossible to determine.

Among the most famous paintings depicting UFOs, you can call the fresco «Crucifixion», which was written in approximately the year 1350 and which is currently in Kosovo, the Orthodox monastery of Visoki, Darcane. In the same year 1350 was written another painting – «the Crucifixion» — where you can also see in the upper corner of two unidentified object flying over the cross. Several centuries later, the artist Hans Glayzer wrote paints on wood figure, which, as noted by the author himself, he portrayed I have seen them in early April, 1561, the «dreadful spectacle». On his canvas depicts a black object, resembling a missile, which flies over the city. If you perform Chronicles Chronicles, we can see that approximately at the same time, but 10 days later, residents of Nuremberg saw dozens of blue, blood red and black spheres that were near the sun. It lasted over an hour, and then the sphere began to fall, and then completely disappeared. According to other reports, in that year over this city have seen many flying «crosses», «slabs» and few big cylinders, of which there were balls. At the same time, people observed a lot of disks and spheres of red, black and blue colors. Between them in the sky occurred an air battle, which overawed the locals. About an hour later the objects began to fall to the ground.

Another similar picture is stored in one of the museums of Europe. It depicts a black sphere that appeared in August 1566 over Basel in Switzerland. The witness was a big part of the city’s residents. According to Chronicles Chronicles, the spheres were moved with great speed, colliding with each other, floating motionless or making sharp turns. According to many researchers, it was a real air battle. And the city Chronicles say that these objects appeared in the sky at dawn, they gradually from the dark became bright red, surrounded by flames. According to other evidence, appeared in the sky «flume pipes», of which there were balls. Near them there are many areas of dark color, which moved at high speed towards the Sun. After a while they began to face each other. Some of the objects turned red and absorbed the others.

In Sweden, in the Metropolitan Cathedral stores quite a strange picture. It’s called «Stockholm miracle.» Its author, the artist urban, really captures the event that occurred. In the sky over Stockholm in 1535 there were some unusual bright object, radiating an incredible Shine in the form of rings. It is obvious that a similar phenomenon could not remain without attention of the local population.

As the researchers note, this picture is unique because of its credibility. Bright glowing orbs give the opportunity to dream.

Contemporary artists also frequently depict aliens, but all these paintings are testimony to the fact that it is only a figment of the imagination or of the real events of the question. As an example we can recall the work is very well known in our days the artist V. Tsagolov.

About ancient space astronauts on the planet wrote in detail in his book, a well-known researcher A. Denikin. Impressive illustrations that the author has placed in his book. They force readers to reflect on those who have influenced the development of science and technology. Of great interest, in particular, is the illustration of the ancient image carved on a cliff which strongly resembles the modern suits of astronauts. But we must remember that this image appeared in the period when the people of flying into space even could not dream.

In addition, the author devotes much space to the arguments about the legends and religious tales. As noted by Denikin, a lot of historical mysteries can be solved if to replace the words «God» and «angel» — the words «astronaut» and «robot». The researcher is convinced that such a change would clarify many of the points described in mythology.

If to judge objectively, accurately say to what extent the development of culture, science and technology depends on humanity, and what contribution to it of the aliens. Nor is it clear why the gods astronauts helped people, told them and taught them. Moreover, to collect in a single picture all traces of the ancient astronauts that have been found to date worldwide. The researchers just can’t form a coherent picture from scattered around the world, the stone balls of unknown origin, mysterious circles, petroglyphs and myths.

At the moment there are some absolutely meaningless, absurd theories that attempt to associate the human figure with the exact number of edges with petroglyphs with aliens owning x-rays. This hypothesis is ridicule, since the ribs can be counted without x-rays. However, apart from these versions, there are more convincing arguments, and thought-provoking.

As the researchers note, even if we assume that aliens told people which direction to move to achieve a high level of development of science and culture, they could visit our planet out of simple curiosity. For example, to see how humanity copes with its tasks. In other words, in any case, such visits are possible.

Babylonian writing tradition has preserved evidence of a strange creature, marked the beginning of Sumerian civilization. Some experts are convinced that these creatures were alien residents, but to establish the truth without a special scientific research impossible.

Scientists say that currently, the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations only watching the mankind, waiting for whether it can achieve the same high level of development. Many legends say that the celestial teacher, will return in that case, if the person is not able to do without their help. It is likely that this meeting will occur in the near future, and then mankind will take a step forward towards new discoveries.

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