In Arabia found many ancient stone walls with pyramids

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An international group of scientists using drones and analysis of satellite imagery was able to detect in the Western part of Saudi Arabia 389 strange walls, composed of rough stones, laid without using mortar. Next to them discovered tens of thousands of small stone pyramids, from the air resembling round eyes.

Relevant article accepted for publication in Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy, briefly writes about the opening of the Science Alert. .

В Аравии обнаружили множество каменных древних стен с пирамидками

All structures discovered among modern lava fields

Found structures have a length of from 50 to 518 meters. Most no longer than 150 yards, but 36 of them exceed 200 meters. Around it scattered tens of thousands of small pyramids of stone heaps of the same shape. It is unclear whether there is beneath them graves. Feature walls and pyramids are not obvious. The latter is often done in other parts of the world over the graves.

В Аравии обнаружили множество каменных древних стен с пирамидками

But the graves of this kind don’t usually do close to a wall. The walls could use as a trap when driven hunting large animals. In other regions of the world from stones without mortar often made boundaries — the dividing lines between the possession of some farmers from the other. But for these purposes most of the walls too short.

All structures discovered among modern lava fields, but in age they are older than the lava. In some cases it is clear that the lava hid part of the wall, covering it from the top. This means that walls and similar piles of stones have performed some function even before the series of eruptions in this region.

В Аравии обнаружили множество каменных древних стен с пирамидками

In Arabia have discovered hundreds of mysterious ancient walls

Unfortunately, at present the exact date of construction is unclear. The researchers plan to apply thermoluminescent methods to specify the moment when the lower part of the walls were covered with lava. After this event, the quartz crystals in the stones, which are composed of the wall ceased to be exposed to external radiation.

Thermoluminescent method uses the ability of some minerals to accumulate the energy of ionizing radiation (mostly cosmic rays), and under heating to give it in the form of light (flares). The longer the sample spent under the open sky, the more flashes it will give.

Comparing the number of flashes from the top of the wall with the number of outbreaks, which upon heating will give the stones from the bottom of the wall, it will be possible to establish when they were covered with lava. This will allow you to figure out at least the moment when the wall ceased to be used.

В Аравии обнаружили множество каменных древних стен с пирамидками

As the researchers note, the discovery of hundreds of these structures happened only now because most of them can be seen and distinguished from normal clusters of stones only from the air. In addition, today there is almost nobody lives, because of the desert nature of the lava fields and the small amount of precipitation.

Findings prove that in ancient times, this region of Arabia could be populated. It is likely that the eruption put an end to the economic activities of local ancient inhabitants.

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