The mystery of Kitezh-grad: Call of the underwater city

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In this article we will talk about the legendary city of Kitezh, escaping from enemies at the bottom of lake Svetloyar (Nizhny Novgorod oblast). To solve the mystery a few decades of trying, scientists around the world.

Fervent prayer

How disappeared under the water city of Kitezh, tells the old record 1251, created 13 years after the occurred events described in it.

According to this literary source, in 1238 Batu Khan conquered almost all Russian principalities, converged at the battle of the river city with the ruler of Vladimir-Suzdal land Georgy Vsevolodovich. In a hot battle the Mongol invaders had crushed the few regiments of Rus, and the Prince along with the rest of the troops took refuge in the small town of Kitezh, which he founded decades ago on the shores of lake Svetloyar.

Загадка Китеж-града: Зов подводного города

I must say that the approaches to the castle safely concealed Vetluzhskiy forests and impenetrable swamps, and the road there was known only to a few. Wanting at all costs to reach Prince George, Batu ordered to torture prisoners in order to find their way to Kitezh. Even the worst torture could not break down prisoners, but one of them — Gregory Mess — indicated invaders the way to the city, which became a refuge for Prince.

Passing through the secret path, the Tartar hordes saw a handsome Kitezh, virtually devoid of military fortifications. Its inhabitants, instead of preparing for battle, falling on his knees, fervently praying. Anticipating an easy victory, the invaders rushed to the city, but here from under the earth gushed forth streams of water, forcing the enemy to retreat ignominiously.

But even when the Tatar-Mongols retreated, underground sources are not exhausted. The water rose around the walls of the city, safely sheltering houses, churches and residents of Kitezh. Soon the place blooming of the castle gleamed in the sun, only the surface of the lake, which to this day is a mute witness to the cataclysm of the past centuries.

Place reserved

Today, many researchers of the events of those years, the question arises: why was it necessary to Batu, who conquered almost have the entire Russian land, look for a small town lost in the forests and swamps, which is hard to call a tempting prey? Do Han spent time and effort in search of the coveted trail to Kitezh only to destroy already defeated Duke?

The answer to this question is given in one of his works, the writer and historian Alexander Aces. In his opinion, Kitezh is one of the oldest cities of the Russian land, although its official history goes back only a few decades. And it was founded in pre-Christian times in the difficult, protected place.

Загадка Китеж-града: Зов подводного города

From time immemorial Slavic tribes believed that the lake Svetloyar endowed with the power of the unknown. Because it is living on its shores Berendei arranged the sanctuary light of God Yarila, whose name gave the name to the lake.

In addition, according to Slavic legend, on this precious earth is born the mighty God the centaur, which had the appearance of a half-human, half-Polyana. He was a Builder of temples, knowing all the secrets of the Universe. Here was born the God of wisdom and hops Kasura grants people joy and fun.

The Kitezh-grad was first mentioned in «Star book of carols» — the sacred records of our ancestors. This city was a patron of many gods, and even when the Russian land became Orthodox, on the ground forces — the shrines of Slavic deities were erected Christian churches.

The rulers of all kingdoms of Kitezh revered and cared for the Holy city what they are talking about six (!) white stone churches built here in record time. The white stone in the Middle ages was very expensive, and builders spend it very carefully.

Therefore, we can assume that, having heard about the unusual town, Batu decided to take his great power in order to conquer the world. (However, it is unclear why the great strength of the city did not help George Vsevolodovich to win Batu.) However, a higher power decided otherwise, hiding under the water of the Holy Kitezh and from enemies and from friends.

Загадка Китеж-града: Зов подводного города

And what on the bottom?!

Grad Kitezh, and in our days from time to time reminds himself to people. Many eyewitnesses claim that in clear weather at sunrise on the eve of the big Orthodox holidays out of the water, hear the ringing of bells and melodious singing. In addition, sometimes you can see under the surface of the lake, the white walls, the crosses and Golden domes sunken temples.

Of course, the depth of Svetloyar repeatedly studied and scientists-archeologists, divers and enthusiasts, but traces of a drowned castle were never found. The researchers came to the conclusion that the bottom of the lake can be called three-layer — consisting of three levels of submarine terraces belonging to different eras.

These terraces go into the lake from the shore like the steps of a giant staircase, alternating with smooth areas of the bottom. On «step,» which can be attributed to the century, when there was a cataclysm that killed protected city, located at a depth of 20 metres, were found pottery shards, coins, jewelry XIII century — and nothing more meaningful.

However, when studying the depths of the lake by geolocation at the bottom of Svetloyar was detected an anomalous zone in the form of an oval, covered with heavy sediment. The signals of the apparatus of it was pretty dull, as if something prevented the free passage of sound. This fact allowed the researchers to suggest that this area may be the ruins of the ancient city, however, more substantial evidence of this yet failed to obtain.

The gates to another world

From esoteric, who also has long studied the phenomenon of the disappearance of Kitezh, there is a version of its current location.

According to them, a city located in a place of power, which is the Svetloyar district, could be transported to a parallel dimension, which contributed to hot sincere prayer of its inhabitants in a moment of mortal danger. The gates to another world today are opened from time to time, which also has its evidence.

The fact that the village of Vladimir, which is close to the Svetloyar sometimes come strange people in vintage clothing. These aliens often try to buy goods in the local village shop and pay for them with coins… XIII century — new and shiny as if minted for a couple of years ago.

Загадка Китеж-града: Зов подводного города

In addition, in the area of lake Svetloyar has been documented numerous disappearances of people who have decided to relax in nature in these protected areas. Typically, these «hostages of circumstance» are missing from several hours to two or three days, and coming back, rarely remember what happened to them.

However, there are exceptions. For example, one man from Nizhny Novgorod, collecting mushrooms near lake Svetloyar, lost in the woods for three days, and came back and told the relatives that visited the mysterious city of Kitezh, and in proof of his words showed the piece of bread, which the guest was treated to «underwater inhabitants». But as soon as he got «his proof» as «beyond» the bread in front of witnesses turned to stone.

And yet, every year to the sacred lake attracts a lot of pilgrims, and a variety of faiths. Involve them here and thank the mysterious places of power and healing water, and land from the shores of Svetloyar, with which the strength to cope with even the most serious diseases.

In addition, it is believed that if three times around the lake in a clockwise direction, it will fulfill every desire. However, this is not so easy, because the total area of Svetloyar is 12 hectares.

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