In point pleasant in addition to the Man-moth I have seen other monsters

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The history of the town of point pleasant, West Virginia (USA) known to everyone who is interested in mysterious creatures and mysticism. In 1967, it collapsed Silver bridge, killing 46 people. And in the year before this incident the inhabitants of the town were regularly seen strange winged creature with red eyes, who was given the nickname Mothman (Mothmen).

According to this story even made the film, and in the heart of point Pleasant has established the statue of the Man-moth to attract tourists. But did you know that in addition to the Man-Moth in the city saw and other mysterious creatures? Lesser known monsters point Pleasant reported by Nick Redfern from the site

В Пойнт-Плезант помимо Человека-мотылька видели и других монстров

Nick Redfern was contacted by someone named Jim Nelson after I read his recent article about the huge eels in the canals of Birmingham. According to Jim, he lived in point Pleasant in the 1970s and once on a walk in 1979, he and his girlfriend saw the Ohio river (on this river was built a Silver bridge), a huge eel-like creature.

Sea eels can reach a length of three meters, but they live in the seas and oceans and not in freshwater rivers

В Пойнт-Плезант помимо Человека-мотылька видели и других монстров

It swam very close to the shore, and at length was approximately 15 feet (4.5 meters). This is much larger than normal river eel.

Another eyewitness to the strange creatures in point Pleasant was Anna, with whom Redfern met in 2014 at the festival of the Man-Moth, held regularly in the city. Anna told me that, apparently, met in 2012 with the creatures known as «children with black eyes». They are the characters of urban folklore (urban legends).

В Пойнт-Плезант помимо Человека-мотылька видели и других монстров

29-year-old Anna lives in point pleasant and work in shifts. That evening she was home and rested, watched TV after a hard day. Around 11 PM, someone knocked on her front door. Anna wasn’t expecting anyone and so cautiously approached the door and asked who was there. After she didn’t answer, she looked through the peephole. There she saw two boys in black robes.

The children were very pale and one of them said, «Give us food.» However, they do not have raised faces and watched, staring at his shoes. Anna felt fear. Quietly, she retreated to the living room, and after a few minutes again came to the door, although no new knocks were not. But the boys still stood on her front porch.

And then there was something even more terrible. Two boys in an instant was enveloped in a greenish haze and turned into two green lizards with no clothes on. They stood upright and had a height of eight feet (2.4 meters), they had long jaws with many sharp teeth. They did nothing, just stood there for another 20 seconds, and then the eye flashed something black, and they were gone.

В Пойнт-Плезант помимо Человека-мотылька видели и других монстров

The first thought Anna was immediately to call the police, but then she realized that the story about the lizards will call the police at best puzzling, and at worst even more problems. Instead, she gathered her things, quickly ran out of the house to his car and the next three days spent in the home of his mother on the other side of the Ohio river. No further incidents it was not.
Thus in point pleasant is inhabited by at least three terrible cryptid: Mothman, a huge preobrazenie snakes and lizards. And they all in some way connected with the Ohio river. Too much for one town.

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