«We both see this girl and suddenly realize that we have goose bumps from fear»

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Police officer Andrew from the city of Galien, Michigan, spoke about the strange case of the witness which he and his partner began a few years ago.

«I work at the local police station for many years, and this event took place about 5 or 6 years ago. It was night and I was on patrol with his partner Mike. It was already quite late, around 2.30 or 3 am. We were standing in a well lit place in the city centre and was quiet.

"Мы оба видим эту девушку и вдруг понимаем, что у нас мурашки на коже от страха"

And then on the road on the main street there is this car and while he is approaching us, we both acknowledge that we know this car. And while we watched him, he feels went very very slowly. We decided that it slows down to something we have to ask and we just stand and wait when it arrived. And here he is in front of us and we see it in the headlights of our car.

And then we both see the driver’s face and also to learn it. It was a young girl troubled teenager, she was about 20 years old, no more, we had detained her for shoplifting. But she mostly was a good man, we knew where she lived, near our police station.

She looked at us from her car and at this point we both companion and started to pull the «uh, she…» remembering her name, but without naming him, and at the same time realizing that we both froze in shivering and covered with goosebumps. Because the problem was that we both remembered that this girl… was killed two months before this meeting, as time behind the wheel of this car.

When you see these things, it’s all so real that you don’t even know what happened. The girl died in a car accident, she was thrown through the windshield of her car and died.

At this time her car drove past us, we saw the interior of her car, saw the familiar dents on it, no doubt. When you make car check for 12 hours in a day, you have been working on automaticity and remember such things, there was no error, it was the same car.

My partner and I both stood frozen like a statue, until the car passed us, and when I looked around to see who had a car, he was gone. And you know, there’s just no place where he could collapse. It was not anywhere on the road. He just disappeared.

In disbelief we went through the streets to find this car, but of course, nothing found. After that we had a lot of conversations with my partner, we both wondered what it was and why we saw this girl. It is possible that a Ghost visits this place, because she was killed on this road. While there, she was killed a little way across the road. And why was she heading straight for us? It was like a deliberate visit.»

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