Talking about a bad interception by American fighters F-15

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The incident with the unidentified flying object was in the sky over Oregon (USA) 25 October, but became aware of it only a few days ago, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Drive and other publications.

«Russian invasion» or a UFO? The opinion of American users

В сети обсуждают неудачный перехват НЛО американскими истребителями F-15

That day the pilots of civil flights reported unidentified white object that was flying at a speed of nearly 700 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 10 kilometers, approaching the aircraft at 20 miles. Alerted American F-15 failed to intercept the object.

Several users tried to explain what happened.

«There’s nothing to discuss. Ordinary geological plane as usual without a transponder. They just forgot to warn air traffic Control», – expressed his opinion of the user CT1.

«The test of a new aircraft. Sleep well,» – said Astrocomical.

Many believe that here has not done without Russia or China.

«I suspect that it was a Russian or Chinese stealth aircraft. The incident trying to hide from the public to rescue the defense Department from the shameful fact that foreign military aircraft entered the territory of the country and left without consequences,» says Ron.

The fact that the facility was unable to determine either civil or military services suggests the conclusion that it was a Russian experimental drone invisible, says Willis.

But some have ridiculed this theory.

«This is a Russian invasion. So will think Americans are brainwashed,» writes Brainwashington.

Also drew attention to the fact that the American planes were not able to catch the flying object.

«How did they let this camera go? He moved too quickly or F-15 are so slow? It is strange that the Department of homeland security is not interested in this», – noted Uranium1.

There has been speculation about UFOs.

«If I mention UFO, it makes me look like a crazy person. But note that this object made a sharp turn to the North, moving at great speed with which civilian aircraft do not fly. We are trying to pass some kind of sign. But do not expect that the government will talk about it,» writes ThomasT.

«The United States experienced an alien provocation», – said Mab Gom.

Earlier, representatives of the U.S. air force and Federal aviation administration confirmed the fact of the appearance in the sky of unidentified aircraft.

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