The pilot claims that during the flight the plane nearly collided with a UFO

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Pilot British airline says that while flying over London’s largest Heathrow airport, a passenger plane nearly collided with a UFO.

Пилот утверждает, что во время полета самолет едва не столкнулся с НЛО


This incident occurred in July last year, but the public learned about it from the Protocol published by the service in the UK, which is investigating situations that threaten the safety of aircraft in the airspace (UK Airprox Board), the journalist writes The Huffington Post. The specialists of this service conducted an investigation, which took them about six months, and only then provided information about the incident.

According to the official report, which does not include the name of airline and crew names, July 19, 2013 at 6:35 PM passenger aircraft Airbus A-320 was at 34,000 feet (10 km) over Berkshire, about 20 miles (32 km) to the West of Heathrow airport.

Further, the report quoted the commander, who claims he saw an unidentified flying object a UFO a few metres from the cockpit.

“A few feet from the plane appeared a strange object, shaped like a cigar or a ball for playing Rugby — said in his report to the aircraft commander. — The object color can be described as silver or metallic.”

The first words of the commander, addressed to the senior assistant, was: “did You see that?”

The pilot said that he had too little time to react and divert the plane from colliding with the aircraft, but suddenly elongated object rose above the aircraft.

After the threat of an accident had passed, the captain contacted the dispatcher, who informed him that the area was not discovered traces of an unusual object a UFO or other aircraft.

On the basis of the reports of the pilot and the XO, specialists UK Airprox Board came to the following conclusion: “After discussion, it was agreed that due to the lack of reliable information, concerning this event, it is impossible to trace the object or determine the likely cause of the incident”.

Commenting on this statement, the scientist David Clarke (David Clarke), is a consultant to the National archives UFO, said: “As experience shows, often the crew does not submit such reports, but in this case the pilot had to make an exception, since the risk of collision was extremely high”.

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