Into the Himalayas in search of the «Bigfoot» is a large-scale expedition

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Into the Himalayas in search of the «Bigfoot» is a large-scale expedition. The result is a sensational research of Oxford Professor Sykes on «snowman» in the Himalayas sent a massive expedition to find him.

В Гималаи на поиски «снежного человека» отправляется масштабная экспедиция

Scientific research of Oxford Professor Sykes (Bryan Sykes) is quite strongly excited the public, as, now declared enthusiasts search for «snow people».

Yes, and the Professor from Oxford repeatedly States that «the Yeti is almost certainly still found in the Himalayas,» so the scientists and TV crew taken the equipment of the expedition for «Bigfoot». By the way, the Himalaya is considered to be the birthplace of «snow people.»

In 1951, the famous climber Eric Shipton (Eric Shipton) first photographed Yeti footprint, too, by the way, found in the Himalayas. The image was published, and this moment was the start of the world Yeti-mania. Then, in 1953, the legendary climbers Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay conquering Everest, stumbled while climbing at a fairly huge human footprints. But Reinhold Messner (Reinhold Messner), who was the first to conquer Everest without an oxygen mask, «the snow man» caught the eye in 1986. However, it happened in Tibet. Such a meeting is very astonished climber, and over time he became very inquisitive researcher cryptozoology.

Pay attention to the fact that recent genetic examination of hair of the Yeti brought sensational results, so the science of Bigfoot is not rejected. Here is the result: in the Himalayas, loaded with a large-scale expedition, which set a goal to catch a «Bigfoot» or Yeti. Yeti is his second name. Organizes such events and TV company Icon Films, as it is the decision of its leaders, who subconsciously believe in the scientific statement of Professor Bryan Sykes (Bryan Sykes), a famous Oxford specialist genetics (professor of human genetics at Oxford University). He repeatedly argues that the most likely and Yeti still roam in the Himalayas, and to find them it is quite possible now.

Himself, Professor Sykes has become more popular since last year. Its popularity is directly connected with the genetic analysis of Yeti hair, and of course, results in the publication of scientific material in Bigfoot in numerous major publications. One such material of interest to the public, published in «Proceedings of the Royal Society B reports.»

Very interesting for scientists, but also aroused a keen interest of the public, is the view of Oxford Professor that science itself rejects nothing, just as not accepting on faith. She has been studying the available material evidence, and did, Mr. Sykes. That’s the result of his scientific work – today, there are enthusiasts search for «snow people».

A few words about what were directly involved in the Professor himself. The basis of his scientific activity became a method actively used in forensic science to search for criminals based on DNA. Here is compared the genetic material «suspect» and informed indeficiencies samples. The Sykes was 30 pieces of hair samples. The scientist was also involved in determining their DNA sequences, comparing them with the genomes, which were in extensive database of genetic information. We are talking about the GenBank database. The study found that 28 samples showed genetic similarity with known species. Among them are bears, goats, horses, cows and other. However, two samples with nothing associated.

That’s what happened then the Professor. He revealed a 100% match in the DNA of hair, which were brought from the Western Himalayas and Bhutan, district Ladakh (Ladakh), with genetic material that was extracted from the jaw of a prehistoric polar bear. It was a sensation, because these bears are really extinct, and they lived more than 40 thousand years ago, when there were still mammoths and woolly rhinos. Professor Sykes, doing a thorough study of this issue, trying to explain how a long-extinct polar bears roam the Himalayas?!

That’s the most reasonable assumption: Bigfoot is a hybrid of brown and polar bears, which were likely to have mated again, after the split in ancient times, and it turns out, is quite possible. Thus, a creature whose hair is so thoroughly researched Professor, are a product of involution, that is reverse evolution.

But the more alternative version. Yeti – probably survived to our time a very ancient polar bear. Maybe he moved in the Himalaya mountains and has maintained its population at the same time mysteriously evolving in a reasonable way, becoming humanoid.

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