Over Ukrainian village, captured a cluster of bright UFO

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Residents of the Ukrainian village novohradivka in the Odessa region became recently witnesses of the unusual phenomenon. The villagers found in the evening sky the group of mysterious unidentified flying objects which emitted an intense orange glow.

Над украинским селом запечатлели скопление ярких НЛО

One of the witnesses captured it all on camera phone. Include the following video, you will be able to see at least 7 of the alleged «flying saucers» in the Ukrainian evening sky.

Ukrainians spotted a UFO hovering almost motionless above the earth, from which the witness concluded that it could not be meteors or airplanes. It also pointed out the fact that the mysterious objects in the sky wasn’t making any sounds. After some time, eyewitnesses said that unidentified objects are slowly approaching and moving away from each other. At the end of the video one of the bright orange lights separated from the others and falling down, decaying at some point in two. It is reported that, in total, UFO has hung over the village for about 15 minutes.

The recording attracted the attention not only of journalists from former Soviet countries, but members of the Western media. The event highlighted several major British tabloids, including the «Daily Mail» and «Mirror». The British put forward assumptions about the invasion of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, about the secret Russian weapons (who would doubt), and some incredible atmospheric phenomenon. Foreign ufologists interested in the news, carefully analyzed the video and came to the conclusion that it is genuine. However, what exactly it depicts, while experts are unable to say with certainty.

Many skeptics are convinced that we are talking about conventional Chinese lanterns – flying designs out of paper raised in the air in the combustion. According to other doubters, it was the target used by the Ukrainian army for military exercises. Still others believe that it is some kind of experimental weather balloons. That’s just what someone has demanded to release these balloons into the sky EN masse, gentlemen, the materialists can not say. However, ufologists while also scratching their heads, searching for the answer to the riddle of the Ukrainian…

Video: Over the Ukrainian village captured a cluster of bright UFO


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