In the County of Wales on the shore for unknown reason, crawled dozens of octopuses

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On the shore had discovered at least 25 cephalopods. It is possible that they «lost» direction due to the recent storms.

When one night the residents of the coastal town of new quay, County Wales, seen on shore in a strange «pilgrimage» to methodically crawl dozens of octopus, they were absolutely stunned. The octopus was quite large, not less than half a meter in length and they tried hard to get ashore and were creeping somewhere across the sand.

В графстве Уэльс на берег по непонятной причине выползли десятки осьминогов

As reported by The Guardian, these invasions continued for the next three nights. After that, many of these clams were found dead on the sand beach. Brett Jones, who is in his boat watching the dolphins, was one of the witnesses of the strange behavior of octopuses.

— It was a bit like a movie about the end of the world, — he said in a BBC interview, — there were 20 or 25 crawl on the beach. I have never seen anything like it.

According to Brett, these creatures are generally extremely rare to see on land. He thought the octopus was probably scared of the bright lights in the harbour of new quay and that confused them or they were exhausted and injured after the recent severe storms and therefore could not resist the waves carrying them to shore.

В графстве Уэльс на берег по непонятной причине выползли десятки осьминогов

In another interview, the Telegraph, Brett Jones said that in these places, the octopus hiding in the rocks at a depth of 2-3 meters and that he and others tried to collect crawled up on the beach octopus back into the water.



They picked up those who were already far from the water and lowered them into the water at the end of the pier. All enthusiasts who wanted to help living beings, Brett gave the warning «wear gloves, they are great to bite.»

However, their efforts were insufficient for the salvation of all shellfish.

В графстве Уэльс на берег по непонятной причине выползли десятки осьминогов

Curator National marine aquarium, Plymouth James Wright said that he knows about two such episodes with octopus in North Devon and in the same Wales that occurred last week.

— It was all quite strange and these animals was clearly something wrong, says Wright.

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