In Madagascar an outbreak of bubonic plague. It threatens to spread to the whole world

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In connection with starting on the island of the plague, the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC) was given to Madagascar for the second level of danger.

From 23 August to 10 October 2017, the world health organization (who) has reported 449 cases of the plague in Madagascar. Almost 11% of those infected died. Thus, as of October 10, in 322 cases diagnosed with plague pneumonia (which can spread from person to person), in 123 cases of bubonic plague (which is spread through flea bites).

На Мадагаскаре вспышка бубонной чумы. Она грозит распространением на весь мир

The world health organization was sent to Madagascar 1.2 million doses of vaccine, enough to immunize about 100 people or for treatment of 5 thousand infected.

На Мадагаскаре вспышка бубонной чумы. Она грозит распространением на весь мир

In response to the outbreak, local authorities banned all public events canceled classes in schools and universities. Begun large – scale fishing for rats the main carriers of fleas, which in turn are carriers of the plague.

Because the incubation period of plague is about 24 hours, and one of the first symptoms is a sharp fever in Madagascar airports installed thermal scanners to detect those infected.

Similar events are held in the Seychelles Islands near Madagascar. 75% of the economy of the island Republic based on tourism, so the spread of the plague and there is a threat to the entire world. All ties with Madagascar in the Republic is prohibited, however, in the Seychelles on the 10th of October, 42 people died from “black death” (The Plague: Spreading in Madagascar and Seychelles?).

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