Calls from the world

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Звонки с того света

At first glance it seems that these calls have no reasonable explanation. Most often such contacts occur among loved ones: spouses, parents, children, siblings, other relatives, at least – friends…

Calls after accidents

Many contacts have a specific purpose, for example, the deceased wishes to say something to the living, to warn about danger, to tell us something important, just to say goodbye…

To date, managed to capture thousands of cases of the dead communicating with the living by the means of communication. Usually the person who raised the receiver and heard a familiar voice, doesn’t yet know that his owner died. The sad truth is opened later…

Звонки с того света

These calls are often heard after various kinds of disasters. Thus, in 1987. one of the American hotels of the crashed plane. As a result of powerful explosion in the sky flashed a huge column of fire and smoke. Among the guests of this hotel, was a certain Christopher Evans, whose parents lived in a nearby town. Upon hearing of the tragedy on the radio, they became agitated .

However, soon the phone rang, and the handset came the voice of Christopher, who reassured parents, saying that they should not worry. However, in the evening, Christopher had not returned, and spouses Evans recaptured anxiety. Unable to stand, they reached the ruined hotel, where among the prevailing chaos and discovered the dead body of her son under a sheet…

As there are such calls

Practice has shown that about half of these cases says only otherworldly inhabitant. While his voice very soon or is terminated, or becomes illegible, as if lost in much noise. Some of these episodes were investigated with the participation of telephone campaigns, almost always, when it appeared that no calls in the moments of the afterlife of the communications apparatus are not fixed.

Звонки с того света

It is also established that most calls from the dead comes in the first hours after the death, and over time less and less. This is not inconsistent with the provisions of the various religious teachings that have left the body the soul is still some time remains among the living. Not alien to the cares of life, she is looking to communicate with loved ones.

It happens that the living call dead and talk to them. Some Nicole Freedman, a resident of Los Angeles, saw in a dream her husband, badly wounded in the head. Waking up, the woman immediately called him. Spouse talked to her in a normal tone and only said in passing that is now so far from Nicole. That evening it became clear that this conversation took place a few hours after the death of a man: he was shot while attempting Bank robbery.

Звонки с того света

Many of the calls of the deceased have for the holidays or any emotionally charged anniversary, for example, birthday, wedding day, etc. During this conversation the deceased can not say nothing special, but just to repeat one single phrase, for example «Hello, is that you?»

What do you think about calls from the dead scientists

In the late 90-ies of the last century the calls from the other world had become so massive that they had engaged in academics. For four years, researchers from the University of Manchester study of paranormal phenomena recorded such cases, which was over a thousand.

Звонки с того света

Statistics showed that about half of the contacts had been an exchange of phrases between the dead and living friends. In a quarter of cases one caller, the other voice was indistinct and seemed to be drowned in dissonance of sounds coming through a long tunnel. It is curious that the operators telephone operators could not never record a call, for all its sensitivity, the instrument did not respond to any signals.

And what scientists say? In their opinion, we shouldn’t be afraid of the calls from the afterlife. In a survey of all the witnesses stated that this communication caused them not negative emotions, but rather joy and peace.

Звонки с того света

Of course, our «domestic» dead calling those whom they have left in the world of the living. About it could tell many Russians, however, people prefer to keep such facts secret. As for the scholars, it is only American and Western European researchers interested in information on this subject…

People who have had experience of telephone conversations with the deceased, reported that their voices sound the same as heard in life. In addition, they are often used in speech, their favorite words and pet names. Telephone calls in the usual way, although some of the sound seems a little sluggish. If people do not understand that talking with the deceased, the conversation can last a relatively long time. In the accounts, which then sends the phone company (happens very rarely), never specified, where the call originated…

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