Giant UFO recorded flying around the Earth

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Зафиксирован гигантский НЛО, пролетевший вокруг Земли

Well-known Russian ufologist, conspiracy theorist and virtual archaeologist Valentin Degterev made another curious discovery. Domestic researcher said that on 4 December he was able to obtain video of a giant UFO flying around our planet. Specialist was browsing online one of the cameras installed on the International space station, and suddenly noticed a striking pale sphere moving in an orbit of the Earth .

Degterev explains that recently the ISS has a new web camera, which can record video in much higher quality. Ufologist immediately felt that now to capture unidentified flying objects in the lenses of these recording devices, it will be much easier, and it has paid off. A day nothing interesting appeared in the frame, but then the UFO had an interesting discovery. When the space station was over the South America, and was illuminated by the Sun (large flare on the surface of the ISS), the far orbit of the earth appeared a spherical object.

Зафиксирован гигантский НЛО, пролетевший вокруг Земли

The author finds suggests that the «flying saucer» made of metal because, like the ISS, it reflects the sun’s rays. Thus, the dimensions of the alleged alien spacecraft must be much greater international space station. This UFO of enormous size could not be a meteorological probe, space debris, artificial satellites or the Moon, as you said, many skeptics. Unidentified object made by the orbital motion of the parabola, while the Moon at this time was supposed to be a very different place. Therefore, Degterev first concluded that the object of artificial nature.

However, then our compatriot remembered another entertaining theory. According to her, the Earth not so long ago had a second natural satellite, which could fly from outer space or even to be delivered by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Maybe this is the famous Nibiru, which, according to alternative researchers, is about to collide with our planet and destroy it?..

Video: giant UFO Recorded flying around the Earth

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