Quantum transition took place

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Квантовый переход состоялся

Biophysicist Valentin Mironov says that in the end of 2012, the Apocalypse, or quantum transition, which was mentioned in the Mayan calendar, still held, but the majority of people didn’t even notice him. For the past three years, our planet lives in another dimension, in which very different physical laws, but in our world is little different from the previous ones. While a little different, but the changes every year are growing like a snowball…

As a Quantum transition is revealed in the structure of Matter

The first quantum transition in early 2013, they said nuclear physicists working with a particle of the hydrogen atom – the proton. First, the proton began to throb, which was a mistake due to the effect of other particles. But it somehow changed its main characteristics, i.e. mass, diameter, rotation speed and so on. Think proton might say Philistine, however, is not so simple. The fact that the proton has moved, and the rest of the particles and of hydrogen, as we know, is all organic, which literally «went» after 2013, changing the density of Matter. And as a result stopped working the old physical laws .

Квантовый переход состоялся

Many leading Institutes of nuclear physics several times checked and double-checked the new size of the hydrogen atom. What happens to him, is simply impossible in our three dimensions, concluded the scientists. It turns out that we live in a different dimension, that is, at the end of 2012 there was a Quantum jump, and we began to live as if on another planet, where entirely different physical laws.

As a Quantum transition is revealed in astrophysics

There’s other confirmation. For example, the German orbital telescope Spitzer, exceeding many times the famous Hubble, suddenly discovered infrared and ultraviolet radiation of the Earth. It turns out that the electromagnetic scale, familiar to us from school physics textbooks, bounded and intraperitonal infrared radiation suddenly increased by six octaves — three octaves on both sides.

Квантовый переход состоялся

Black hole at the center of our Galaxy, which allegedly moved the Solar system (remember, we are frightened that astronomers of all stripes), suddenly disappeared. Scientists suggest that we passed it, and the door behind us closed. Instead of a black hole now there’s another object, which in 2014 was named the Magnetar. This strange Star sprays out some kind of reasonable substance, which the scientists called liquid magnetic field.

Scientists strongly zagovorila about all these changes in 2013, it soon became scared of what is happening, and all the data classified. Suffice it to recall the famous site of the «Membrane», where presented the latest scientific discoveries, where were also considered quantum transitions. Where is this e-magazine?..

Today’s advanced researchers of this Quantum transition say that we were on the first floor of Thin, almost «in that light» with which to congratulate humanity!

Квантовый переход состоялся

As a Quantum transition affected person

Neuroscientists ten years ago ushered in Hippocampi (the area of the brain responsible for human life on the Subtle plane), the Blue spot, the purpose of which no one that couldn’t, didn’t even try to determine, as the human brain remains for scientists a black box. And now in 2014 is a Blue spot lit up, and immediately all the people on Earth (scientists selectively tested for several tens of thousands of people). And this Blue color is pulsating in rhythm with Magnetar – in waltz of the Universe.

In this connection began to manifest new properties of the person. The first change is the Blue halo over his head instead of Golden, which was inherent in the enlightened personalities of the old world. Blue halo today inherent in every person, and to see him over the head, just enough to squint. However, this field, the researchers say, more soft and gentle, just emerging. It is like a cobweb, barely noticeable, but try to break it – stronger than any steel threads.

Квантовый переход состоялся

The second change is a New vision. To make a Quantum leap in the human eye was the so-called blind spot, which closed three-quarters of a spherical perception of reality. Almost the brain created the illusion that we see almost everything. However, in three dimensions it was enough. However, «the light» of this little, and this blind spot has started to dissolve in the human eye, that is, we gradually open the multi-dimensional vision.

You can transfer and other changes, for example regarding forklift the Thymus gland, which is responsible for materialization of our thoughts (and therefore afraid of their bad thoughts, soon they will be executed almost instantly). Soon people will have such amazing qualities as erasing from memory all unnecessary (pseudocavity), Snezana, that is gaining knowledge directly from the universal source (need in school will disappear), — healing (the need for healers too) and many more. And this is only the first stage of the amazing transformation of a man already living in the New world.

Quantum transition as the Apocalypse

The researchers say that the human world was actually divided into two camps after the Quantum transition. On the one hand were those who chose the path of spiritual evolution, and on the other those who remained committed to the path of materialistic perfection through suffering. We never notice the difference between these worlds, but gradually they will drift apart, so now every resident has the opportunity to rethink their attitude to almost everything, and thereby change your choice. While it’s there, researchers say. But tomorrow it may not be…

Квантовый переход состоялся

How to add enlightened, if Quantum transition seems to you a fairy tale, bullshit, you can only sympathize. However, you still have the chance, which was mentioned above…

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