The theory of the existence of civilization «the Olmec»

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Теория о существовании цивилизации «ольмеков»

That carries the history of mankind? The question may seem quite strange, after all, everyone knows the official theory of the development of mankind and of individual Nations of the world which is taught in various educational institutions. There is no doubt that all advanced science claims have no real evidence, however, as to the fact that the bit does not fit into this very official theory of the world. Indeed, more and more is the world of artifacts that put into question the official version of the origin of the world and mankind.

Suffice it to recall various strange findings around the world: figures of aircraft, found in the pyramids of South American Indians, rock paintings, details about the stay of man in space, and many others to ask the question, how might the existence of such artifacts? The answer to this question does not exist, the official science just throws up his hands or just pretend that such things don’t exist. In this paper, we consider one more awesome mystery taking place on our planet.

Civilization Of South America

The most famous South American civilizations are the Incas and Mayans, it is the descendants of these Nations were ruthlessly converted to Christianity brave conquistadors, taking in the course of countless treasures, destroying valuable artifacts that could shed light on the history of all mankind.

So, few people know that the ancestors of these cultures were not the pioneers, built their Empire on the remains of an ancient civilization that is preserved by the few references called Olmeca. The majority of architectural monuments became the property of the Inca or Maya after the Olmecs disappeared from the continent for unexplained reasons. In 1862, the Mexican Melgar Jose drew an interesting discovery he made by chance during his travels. Close to the village of Tres Zapotes them was discovered a stone head of a man, the facial features of the statue is very reminiscent of the appearance of black. The find has aroused interest in the society, which soon disappeared and about the find forgotten.

In 1925 archaeologists Blom and La Fargem made an expedition to a remote island that was surrounded by marshes. It was there that he discovered a second head and a giant pyramid. This finding allowed us to learn the world about the civilization of the Olmec.

Ancient people

In the next few years there were various interesting findings that confirm the theory about the existence of a civilization which lived in South America before the emergence of settlements of the Inca and the Maya. So, in 1939, near the town of Tres Zapotes archaeologist Matthew Stirling discovered several interesting artifacts. In addition to the huge heads carved from stone, was discovered several clay tablets with inscriptions on them, as well as a conical pyramid. On one clay tablet found were images associated with the story of the life of God Jaguar. After long research, it became clear that this story was the basis of Mayan mythology and was later developed them.

Scientists came to the conclusion that before the advent of Maya in this territory was already inhabited by a nation. Civilization was distinguished by a high degree of development, able to process hard materials, had their own writing and developed a system of myths. A new culture was called «alimacani». Subsequently, there were found stone heads, through which this culture became widely known.

Over time was discovered more interesting artifacts, which indicated that for a thousand years before our era the people alimacani already had water, and a small artificial lagoon, where crocodiles are bred. Also there was discovered a city where archaeologists have discovered many statues made at a high technological level. Michael Ko, the famous historian, believes that this culture originated over 3000 years BC. Today was discovered 17 goals, but of special interest is the appearance of these stone sculptures.

Who posed for the sculptor?

Of course, the heads themselves are important artifacts because they depict the faces of the rulers of the people, but what really is puzzling in the scientific community, so that the appearance of these portraits. The appearance of all statues is particularly characteristic features – a flat nose, plump lips, in General, similar to those images on the people of Africa. In the scientific world, there is a theory according to which there was sea traffic between the coasts of Africa and South America. During the experiment it was proved that it is possible to cross the Atlantic on a papyrus boat «RA», which was used by the ancient Egyptians.

Versions concerning the origin of this a lot of people, some, as mentioned above, I believe that is displaced from Egypt, some historians have generally assumed that this culture has Asian roots, for the reason that the images of various found objects dominated by a painted dragon, which is very similar to the congener from China.

Some suggest that alimacani is a small nation which lived high in the mountains, but after descended to the plain and quickly subdued the scattered tribes of Indians who lived on this territory.

Because of the lack of facts that might confirm one of these theories, it soon heated scientific disputes ceased, and the long-awaited peace. Scholars have come to one conclusion, which was neutral and satisfied the majority alimacani, the very first, formed culture in South America. It would be nice if in 1991, Professor Lara is not received by the Dating back to 1951, it was a picture of head stone, which was absolutely not similar to all found to that similar artifacts.

Strange head

As mentioned above, the first message regarding the discovery of the artifact was made in 1991, but by this time in Guatemala, where this subject was a series of civil wars. In 1992, went on an expedition into the jungle when the Professor Lara got to the alleged place of discovery of the subject, it has been more than 40 years, and what was his disappointment when he find this stone head found that she completely ruined. There was a lot of traces of bullets of different caliber. Nose, mouth, eyes – everything was destroyed, there was only one photograph of the statue and hope to find someday the same artifact. What was so striking about this discovery is that it has become a subject of debate, which do not cease now. The stone heads are often found in South America, even the faces of the rulers, which are very similar to the people of Africa, not much worried researchers. Stone head of the Guatemalan jungle was forced to re-examine the history of the peoples inhabiting South America. Facial features – stone statues that have nothing to do with the appearance of modern inhabitants of South America, but not like the Olmec.

I stone head has large eyes, narrow thin lips and big, straight nose. So this image represents a completely different nation that lived there, absolutely distinguishable from the Olmec, Maya, Inca and Aztecs. But the question arises, what are these people, who did not leave behind virtually no material artifacts and simply disappeared. Scientists have studied the remains of the stone head came to the conclusion that the stone has been treated more than 7000 years BC. Unlike later imitations of the Olmec, which used soft stone to create sculptures, this sculpture is made from a solid piece of rock. Despite all the millennia, scientists have discovered that the head was made using tools that are quite easily treated stone. Perfect lines, no chips suggest that the people who made this figure, used technology unavailable to subsequent civilizations. Besides, the researchers came to the conclusion that the stone itself was imported from the Andes, which is absolutely impossible.

Thus, the existence of this artifact allows us to reconsider the history of the peoples who inhabited South America, it is possible that the Olmecs just come already ready civilizational Foundation and only used the best practices of other civilizations.

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