Ufologists immediately found three signs of alien life on Mars

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Уфологи обнаружили сразу три признака инопланетной жизни на Марсе

Ufologists managed to find on the surface of Mars at the same time three there is evidence of the existence of aliens. Materials concerning this was published on the pages of specialized publications.

Ufologists say that recently, they have been studied photographs obtained from satellites «NASA». What is depicted there, is very surprised them. In one of the areas of Mars, they failed to notice three evidence of the presence on the planet of life. Thus, there observed two objects, which are, as the researchers say, the face sculptures resembling human. This suggests that the inhabitants of Mars before been famous for its culture. Also on the same picture seen something like seashells, indicating the existence before in these areas reservoirs of enormous size.

The author of the article commented that «NASA» even given the fact that there is overwhelming evidence of aliens in the Solar system, still in denial.

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