At the crossroads of life and death: the story of an abandoned city

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На стыке жизни и смерти: история заброшенного города

Ghosts may not only be dead people, and the place where the once lived life. On planet Earth a lot of these houses, previously inhabited, but later abandoned. It is often a little-known towns and villages, but in some cases big cities. The reason for the neglect of some geographical objects were relentless onslaught of the capricious and all-powerful nature. Other refuge have emptied the bloody brutal war. But whatever happened, now these points on the map, belonging to different historical epochs, are lifeless and dead. They scare the hapless travellers intimidating appearance, the dilapidated buildings and empty window sockets.

Occasionally there wander to random strangers. However, there are avid travelers, adventurers and lovers of the ruins, which pulls in such places like a magnet. The motives of the adventurers can understand. Because in the ruins, if you look closely, you can find quite attractive. Words can’t explain what it is? Perhaps awkward, but unique aesthetics, but more specifically it’s mesmerizing power. Human thoughts, passionate feelings and desires and reign in the air. In the abandoned ruins of the smell of other people’s destinies, and the story attracts its unsolved mysteries. In these corners there is a feeling that the shadow of former times is up for grabs by white beard for a few moments to do the impossible, to catch the elusive, that is what into the abyss, flowing in a silent eternity.

«Diamond fever» in Ghost town

Namibia – African power with a dry and tropical climate, washed by the waters of the harsh Atlantic. And along the coastline of the country stretches the vast desert, the Namib, where the violent winds move from place to place yellow and white sand dunes, sometimes reaching a height of several dozen meters. But in the bowels of the earth here, hidden countless minerals.

In the South of the state there is an abandoned town called Kolmanskop. It is located near a nondescript shopping and fishing port on the Atlantic ocean. On the vast map of the world would never have had such a settlement, but it so happened that someone Sakaris Leval – a modest clerk in a small railway companies found, once in the sand on this spot, small-sized pebbles. Who would have thought that it would be the cause of the present excitement, known in common «diamond fever», because the discovery was precious!

Once there was a rumor about this extraordinary event, thousands of fortune seekers rushed to the Sands of the African deserts to hot, hoping to earn a huge fortune. In this regard, in a record two-year period rose from under the earth city Kolmanskop. This minor period people were enough to build lifeless in the hot desert of the beautiful buildings in the German style.

German solidity in this suddenly burgeoning region, was felt in everything. Houses were built and securely for the ages, with the most successful in your convenience plan, tastefully well-chosen and tidy interior great decoration of interior decoration. Manicured facades attracted to your impeccable aesthetics. Even the window shutters were carefully decorated with much love and elegance. You can imagine how many of these buildings were associated hopes, grandiose plans for the future, the dizzying expectations!

The inhabitants of the town had progressed, bringing to the region a semi-wild Africa the blessings of civilization. Even such rare in those days a novelty, as the x-ray machine, in a single copy in the entire southern part of the continent were Kolmanskop.

In the city there was everything necessary for life and entertainment: hospital, school, furniture factory, a bakery, a slaughterhouse, even a casino, bowling alley, Lounges bars. After all, the newly minted residents hoped that soon there will be a real «diamond Paradise.» However, none of them could not think that the days of existence of this settlement are almost over.

Under sand dunes buried the town

Soon occurred the First world war. After the war, the market fell sharply, the price of precious stones. Hope for the advancement melted every year. And diamonds mined in the mines Kolmanskop, cost less.

Further, the problems only increased. Among the disasters that befell the town, you can call an acute shortage of drinking water, as well as combat the ever-advancing sand dunes. A mining settlement thus of the coveted Paradise turned into a living hell. And dreams of long-awaited wealth completely melted, taking the form of hopeless poverty and domestic turmoil.

With the advent of the difficulties, the town began to leave the first of the desperate. And every year they became more. By 1950, residents in Kolmanskop almost gone. And soon the settlement came to a sad list of Ghost towns, natural grave which was constantly attacking the sand dunes. Now left unburied, as a reminder of the past, a few dreary appearance of buildings, among which the most remarkable is the theater building, well preserved until now.

Considering even now, ruthlessly buried in the sand, abandoned rooms of the residential premises, you can notice how hard-working people here once lived. They thoroughly and meticulously treated to any details of construction, where were met all the trends and tendencies of the European fashion of those bygone times. How much effort and human energy spent in vain, and how many died in the small town of unfulfilled hopes!

The most dangerous disease in the world

But not only ruthless element, domestic troubles and the unfortunate circumstances tried, ruined all the hard human work. Even before the city began the first serious problem, its like the worm is beginning to eat away at human greed. To the South of the settlement there were diamond deposits. And in the pursuit of untold wealth, greedy hapless chiefs rushed to explore new profitable horizons. Driven by sudden excitement, many citizens without regret threw their houses, their homes. In a hurry to leave their homes, they don’t even hesitate to leave your previously treasured possessions. They believed that soon, too, will gain something better. And the abandoned house was in a sad loneliness, continuing to keep the warmth of the hands of the former owners, as if in the hope that soon fugitives will come back.

Today on the territory of the Ghost town hosting the Namibian natives. And by the way, they just make good money, arranging tours for curious travelers, while not disdaining in addition to tell many frightening stories about the legendary don repose of the soul of the diamond seekers.

Well, that is quite possible, after all, surely the raging ghosts there a lot of times the city has experienced the passion is more than enough! No wonder human society is so tenacious myth that the dead who left this world prematurely, especially by unnatural causes (sinners above all) long continued to wander in places where they spent their life and where they’ve done a lot of mistakes.

There is another theory. Some believe that the Ghost is not the spirit of man, as it were, a «fingerprint» his strong emotions and violent feelings. That is why, probably, many old houses go sentimental legends about buried, not souls. And some of the live fans to tickle your nerves, it even attracts. Because sometimes I want to understand how they lived, who was now just ashes, and to catch the remainder of their existence, the last breath of life.

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