Terrible tumor, crashed through the woman entire facial part of the skull

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71-year-old resident of the Philippines Edita, Dadores in just 4 years transformed from a normal older women the one when on the street I’d be scared not only little children. It all started with a small pain in the nose, and when Edita went to the hospital, she was diagnosed with sinusitis.

However, the medicine did not help and it soon became clear that a sinus infection has nothing to do with of the nose on the woman’s face began to grow a tumor. An elderly Filipino lady was operated on in 2015, but the surgery only caused more rapid tumor growth. Now after only four years, the tumor has not only unrecognizably disfigured old woman, but chopped up in small dice all of the front part of her skull.

Страшная опухоль раскрошила женщине всю лицевую часть черепа

Doctors now recommend that a woman go through a series of restructuring operations, but be warned it is associated with a higher risk.

Страшная опухоль раскрошила женщине всю лицевую часть черепа

The woman has six children and 16 grandchildren, the children are now caring for her and tell that they are very painful to watch as nobody can to help their mother. According to them, the woman now does not feel pain simply because she’s given medicines. It is very difficult to talk, eat and even sleep.

Страшная опухоль раскрошила женщине всю лицевую часть черепа

According to doctors, the tumor in the nose this woman is nothing more than inverted (inverted) papilloma. This is a benign tumor that arises in the back of the nasal sinus. When it starts to grow rapidly, it may occupy the entire nasal cavity and go in the eye sockets.

Now Edita, Adores is in a clinic in Palawan and waiting for the final conclusion of doctors about her condition and possible treatment. To treat one of the charitable organizations started collecting money.

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