Winged spider cryptid on a farm in Canada

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The researcher of the mysterious creatures Heart Strickler wrote a resident of Canada with the initials JK. On his farm in an abandoned barn had settled a strange creature. He called it «canadian spider bat» (Canadian Spiderbat) because it was like a huge bat with a spider’s head.

«It happened a week ago, not sure how long it was already time, but it was already very dark. I was coming home after lock up our cattle for the night. I walked past the old, almost collapsed barn, which was also the property of our family and suddenly saw a strange creature, which quickly stole into the barn window.

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Крылатый паукообразный криптид на ферме в Канаде

When I walked up and looked inside, I saw it sitting there huddled in an alcove under the window and it seemed very large to fit through this window. It is clearly not wanted I saw it and even more caught. But it was looking at me with her little shiny white eyes. As I considered this creature as ran quickly to the house. It was large, massive and had wings.

When I ran, I was under the impression, as if this creature as quickly following me. And I think that this creature made me think. Since then, I’m afraid to go out in the dark alone on the street and especially to go past this old barn.

Later I thought I hear out of the barn some sounds. It looked like someone was walking on wooden planks here and there. I wasn’t even sure whether it was real or my mind was playing with me, creating the illusion based on my fear.

Every time I pass the barn, I think there watching me. It happened in Alberta. Unfortunately, I can not give an exact point, it will create a buzz could be trouble for me.

The creature was about 5 feet (1.5 meters), but I’ve seen it when it sat huddled against the wall, so that at full growth it is likely to be huge, probably 10-15 feet (3-4. 5 meters)».

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