Information about the giants who lived hundreds of years ago on the territory of Russia

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Legends and tales of giants — men of great height, you can find many ancient peoples. Stories about giants, claiming the authenticity and told by travelers or chroniclers occur much less and the more valuable the evidence.

According to this, once many hundreds of years ago in the Northern Urals and Siberia it was possible to meet people of unusually high growth. And it was not a separate physical anomalies (gigantism), which occur sometimes in our time, as there are reports of entire tribes (!) Russian giants.

Сведения о великанах, живших сотни лет назад на территории России

One of the documentary evidence on the Russian giant belongs to Ahmed Ibn Fadlan, who in 921-922 years, along with the Embassy of the Caliph of Baghdad called for the king of the Volga Bulgars, after before and the Russian possessions. The book, written by Ibn Fadlan, is an invaluable source for the history of pre-Christian Russia, including the Urals, but we are interested in an excerpt from her usually shamefully hushed up. And tells it no more, no less as a giant who lived in the vicinity of the Bulgarian capital.

Arab traveler told of how, while still in Baghdad, he heard from a prisoner of the Turk, at the rate of Bishop of the Bulgarian Kingdom in captivity contains one giant — “the man is extremely huge physique”. When the Embassy arrived on the Volga, Ibn Fadlan asked the king to show giant.

Unfortunately, the giant not so long ago to visit an Arab killed because of the violent and vicious nature. As eyewitnesses told, the sight of the gigantic creature the children fainted, and pregnant women had miscarriages. Feral giant was caught in the far North, in the country vis [according to modern historians — the whole chronicle, who lived somewhere in the area of Pechora] and taken to the capital of Volga Bulgaria.

It was held in the city, chained to a huge tree. Here and strangled.

Ibn Fadlan showed the remains: “And I saw that his head was like a big tub, and now the edges like the biggest dry fruit branches of palm trees, and in the same way the bones of his legs and both his ulna. I was shocked by this and left”.

Incidentally, there is information relating to the end of the XIX century: at the opening of one of the cemeteries in the Volga region (though South of those places mentioned by Ibn Fadlan, in the Saratov province) there was discovered the skeleton of a giant man.

If someone thinks that it wants to mystify, then let poznakomitsa with other evidence: it can be found in the book with the poetic title “the Gift of minds and selections of curiosities”. It is from the pen of another Arab traveller, a scholar and theologian Abu Hamid al-Garnati. After more than a hundred years after Ibn Fadlan he also visited the capital of the Volga Bulgaria and met the same giant, but only of the living, and even talked to him:

“And I saw in Bulgar, in the year 530 [1135-1136] the tall man from the descendants of ‘ ad, the growth of which more than seven cubits, named Donkey. He took the horse under his arm as the man takes the little lamb. And his strength was such that he broke the hand shank of the horse and tore the meat and veins, like other torn greens.

And the ruler of the Bulgars made for him a coat of mail that was carried in the wagon, and helmet for his head, like a boiler. When there was battle, he fought with a cudgel of oak, which held in hand as the stick, but if smote an elephant, he would have killed him. And he was kind, modest; when she met me, welcomed me and greeted me respectfully, even though my head did not reach him from the waist up, but mercy on him ”.

Сведения о великанах, живших сотни лет назад на территории России

Similar information is preserved in Norse sources. They relate to the raids of the Vikings in remote areas of the Russian North. Here the indefatigable robbers-Pathfinder repeatedly faced with tribes of giants, and — as usual giant male and tribes consisting solely of females (that is to say, the Amazons of the search):

“When they sailed for some time along the shore, they saw standing there very tall and huge house. <…> When they saw that the temple was very large and built of white gold and precious stones. When they saw that the temple is open. It seemed to them that everything inside sparkled and glowed, so there was no shade. <…>

There they saw the table, what should be the king, covered with expensive cloth and [made to] a variety of precious vessels of gold and of precious stones. <…> At the table talked 30 then he and the priestess was in the centre. They [the Vikings] could not understand whether she was in human form or some other creature. All of them thought it was worse than words can say ”.

Some time later, approximately the same pattern described by the Danish historian-chronicler Saxo Grammaticus (1140 — CA. 1208), talking about the swimming squad of the Vikings in the White sea, with the difference that the speech was not about the temple, and “the Amazons”, and the cave where the giants lived.

Russian North is in fact overflowing with stories about the giants. In the early XX century among coast-dwellers, which floated to a New Land, existed a legend that there in one of the coastal caves are giant human skull with bared teeth.

The Giants Siberia

Siberian tales about encounters with giants collected and recorded world-renowned scientist and archaeologist Alexei Pavlovich Okladnikov (1908-1981). Hunter and reindeer herder Nikolai Kurilov from the lower reaches of the Lena told him that a man hunting in winter, Arctic foxes, found on the shores of the Arctic ocean huge human footprints, which came out of the sea.

Hunter decided to find out where the lead traces on the land. After two days of riding he saw a mountain that rose amongst the forest, like an island. Here traces were especially numerous. Suddenly a woman appeared with a height of several meters. She took Nicholas Kuriva by the hand and led him into the house where there was a man-giant.

He said the hunter: “I blame myself, that showed his signs, or you wouldn’t be here. Go back home, just do not tell anyone about gone. And I’ll help you back. Don’t come out until I prepare the sled. Will come later”. After a while, the giant went back into the house and commanded, “Now get out”. There was a dense fog, can not see any dig. The giant put the hunter on a sled, tied his eyes and said, “When you reach their land, the dogs let go.”

Сведения о великанах, живших сотни лет назад на территории России

The return took the hunter only one day without overnight stay. When the hunter untied the eyes, I saw that his taking not dogs, and two wolves. Raced back loaded to the top of his own dog sled. Arriving home, the hunter released the wolves, and they immediately disappeared. When he opened the shipment, I saw a mountain of expensive furs. The fact that the giant asked the intruder, “Why are you wandering alone by the sea”. He replied that he lives. Because giant pity and gave so many furs.

To old age Nikolay Kurilov anyone and didn’t say anything, but told only at the point of death.

About the taiga giants from different Siberian peoples have preserved a lot of legends. There is a belief that they carry away from the hunting fires burning embers. These giants differ from ordinary people not only tall, but long and thick eyebrows, or those that are entirely covered with hair. Therefore another name — “bearded men”. Live “the bearded” of not one, but entire villages. Form of dome-shaped houses, inside they highlighted furnaces, and the unknown “shining stone”.

In many legends, the land of the dwelling of the tribe of giants associated with the Islands of the Arctic ocean. In the mid-nineteenth century the words of an eyewitness was written the following story. A industrialist examined zverolovlev tackle on the Islands near the mouth of the Kolyma. There he was caught in a Blizzard, and he got lost. Wandered through the icy desert, and finally the dogs brought him to a strange village consisting of several huts.

Later that evening came from the field men of tremendous growth and began to ask the stranger who he is, where, on what occasion and why we stopped here, if he had heard about them before, and, finally, if sent by whom? Industrialist, told the whole story, they are kept under supervision for six weeks by placing in a separate house and not allowing to leave. Often he heard the bell from then and decided that he was in the schismatic skit.

Finally the owners agreed to release the industrialist, but had sworn him to keep quiet about all he had seen and heard. They then blindfolded, taken out of the village and carried very far. At parting gave a large number of white foxes and red foxes.

At the same time, the Verkhoyansk district police officer informed the Irkutsk Bishop Benjamin that the Arctic ocean is “the unknown geography of the island.” It is in good and clear weather from the island of New Siberia to the North-East is represented by a point.

On this island there are residents. They are called bearded because they say that people absolutely overgrown hair. With them is very rare and fear of death have intercourse wild Chukchi, who passed on the family secret Chukchi, paying tribute. Those, in turn, also in secret, to tell about all Russian.

Сведения о великанах, живших сотни лет назад на территории России

Folk tradition says that the bearded men on the Islands of the Arctic ocean lived long ago and that no Bishop with his entourage was brought here and thrown on the shore. If I heard it on that island, the sounds of bells, but in housing your bearded it was not allowed. They sell only on the shore, and the Islands to its outsiders are not allowed.

In addition, at the end of XX century, one of the Kolyma man, hearing about the Sedov expedition to the North pole, said, “Well then, without fail to the people in the houses with Golden roofs, will visit”, alluding to the mysterious of the islanders, which they say legends of Russian and indigenous populations in the coastal zone of the Arctic ocean.

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