In Norway, after an accident inside an empty machine have photographed the Ghost of a man

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14-year-old Norwegian Christina Eliza blind took this picture on the road after she and her mother, passing by, saw the car injured in the accident. In the car with a crumpled front, which stands in the foreground, hit a moose (the animal died).

The car after the accident was empty, the driver was sent by Ambulance to the hospital and the cabin was empty. But the photo still clearly shows the man’s head, like the head of a bald man of about fifty.

В Норвегии после ДТП внутри пустой машины засняли призрак человека

The man in the sports jacket on the right is the courtyard, the blind, the girl’s mother, she called on the phone to the emergency services after they saw on the track the car is damaged. She stepped out of her car to see if the car is affected. For the rescue service told her that this car hit the moose and that its driver sent to the hospital.

The girl did not immediately see that in the photo there is a Ghost. After discovering an otherworldly presence, she posted a picture to his instagram. The aroused great interest and articles about him appeared in the Norwegian press. Reporters Christina told me that she gets creepy when she looks at this photo, but she can’t tell what it depicts. She doesn’t know this man and maybe it’s not a Ghost, but just an illusion due to the refraction of light.

The driver of the car was injured in the crash, but no serious injuries he had, basically he had small cuts from the windshield and soon released home. So the Ghost car that’s not his Ghost.

However, the Courtyard, the blind have their own version of the appearance of the Ghost in the machine. She said that on this stretch of road had previously been several fatal outcome and it is likely that it was the Ghost of one of the victims in these accidents. She confirmed that when she stood next to the crumpled car, it was empty. Also this was confirmed by the police, who arrived almost simultaneously with Christina and her mom.

Kristina herself adds that the more she looks at it, the more it seems that she sees Ghost there is not one person but two or even three.

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