A resident of new Jersey spoke about his abduction by aliens and seen children hybrids

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Jennifer (name not mentioned) a little over thirty years she was born and raised in new Jersey (USA). According to her, she was abducted by aliens who had previously visited her mother, and her grandmother saw the little men in the woods near his home about 40 years of the twentieth century.

Jennifer knew about his kidnapping, but the details of the experience she learned only after having gone through the hypnosis sessions. It happened in 2009, when «the grey» took her from her home and moved to a place that «looked like a long-closed military base.» Before that she saw a UFO, in its memory before the hypnosis session was replaced by a large black sedan.

Жительница Нью-Джерси рассказала о своем похищении пришельцами и увиденных детях-гибридах

The girl herself was in a daze and was not aware of the surrounding reality. She remembers that after the UFO she was in the Elevator where there were three low figures as dwarfs. The details of their appearance, the girl was unable to remember even under hypnosis, but she remembers the long, long descent by Elevator down somewhere.

And then she was taken to a big room where there was a group of five or six children, similar to those ufologists called the children-hybrids. Children, like both humans and aliens («grey»). One of the theories States that such children are aliens create to bring a hybrid race that will live on Earth in the future. For this purpose, they abducted many women and forced them to get pregnant and then take their child.

In the next room with the children had many different toys — dolls, Teddy bears, soft dogs and others, and the children themselves-hybrids were painfully thin with blond hair. They were all female. They were sitting on the chairs near the wall and it seemed that they were not interested in anything, even toys.

The aliens told Jennifer that her job is to convince the children that they started to play with toys. The woman started to encourage children to play with bears and dolls and two of the children started to smile, but the rest continued to apathetically sit on the chairs. This continued for some time, and strangers probably understand that trying Jennifer more to nothing lead.

The last thing she remembers about this story is how it drove home back at the same black sedan, which has apparently replaced the image of UFO in her memory.

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