Moscow yogi met Bigfoot

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Moscow yogi met Bigfoot. In the distant year of our geological party worked in the upper reaches of the Zeravshan valley. The camp was below the eponymous glacier — one of the largest glaciers of Central Asia. Wild, uninhabited places: ice and rock, moraine ridges and ice cracks harsh and beautiful world.

Как московский йог встретил Снежного человека

Zarafshon valley

Seasonal work novel came to us from Moscow. As he spoke, «fled from the concrete jungle of the metropolis in the unspoilt nature of the area». It was a strange guy. And that’s an understatement. The hair grew almost to the waist: not immediately tell who is in front of you is a woman or a man. Didn’t eat meat, adhered to strict vegetarianism. Practiced yoga, meditated every free minute. Played the flute. In General, people not of this world.

However, this fact did not prevent him to follow his interest when it comes to the payment of wages and withholding amounts for meals. To pay completely novel was refused, citing the fact that not eating meat. The arguments of our leadership that in terms of the field party, when preparing food at all, and in particular, it is impossible to eat separately, the novel was not accepted. So yoga yoga, and take the money he was no worse than others.

Had the Novel one more point — the snow man. In those years the theme of relic hominid was a new development, thanks to the press of witnesses allegedly saw a mysterious creature in different parts of the Earth: the forests of Canada, in remote areas of Tibet and the Pamirs. Bigfoot even managed to capture on film. (However, skeptics claimed that there was a fraud.) The newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» organized several expeditions to the mountains of Central Asia in search of Bigfoot. Numerous enthusiasts, not sparing time and effort, climbed in deserted places in the highlands, hoping to meet legendary hominid.

The Novel on this score was its theory that the relic creatures called Bigfoot, or Yeti, have telepathy that helps them to avoid encounters with humans. In the mountains it often happens that you come into the gorge and feel the presence of someone. Someone is watching you, you cannot see it, but feel coming from this creature telepathic waves.

By the way, in the mountains, deserted places left not so much. Everywhere roads, power lines, constantly bring traces of civilization. But if given the opportunity to visit such a wild remote place, the people there, especially alone, can really feel afraid — people are often afraid of the unknown.

The novel, which, apparently, prevented meditate outsiders, at every opportunity, tried to retire. Depart from camp for the closest hill, sit on the grass, get it to the tune of his and starts to play some mournful tune.

«Bigfoot luring» — we laughed, watching from afar lonely flute. However, the hominids were in no hurry to seem in the light of God.

— Well, have telepathic contact? asked someone after another session of meditation.

— Yeti never go on contact, — said Roman.

He explained that the Yeti is extremely cautious, timid creatures. They, on belief of the Novel, are representatives of the Neanderthals survived since prehistoric times. Exactly what these creatures have developed the gift of telepathy, gave them the opportunity to survive to our time, rarely falling on the eyes of the people.


Once before dawn side of the glacier heard a great roar. The camp was still asleep, the noise is heard only the cook, had risen early to cook Breakfast. It turned out that the tongue of the glacier collapsed ice mass, podrulevye the river. In the morning, when the cook told us about the rumbling from the glacier, we did not pay her special attention. We did not notice that the river flowing near the camp, suddenly heavily shoaled.

Как московский йог встретил Снежного человека

That day routes were not, we treated the collected materials, pack the samples and the samples were put in order the field diaries. The novel, taking advantage of free time after lunch went to meditate. Moving away from the camp, he disappeared behind a distant hill.

Suddenly from the side of the glacier, I again heard the rumble, which was growing rapidly. Frightened, we saw the bed of the river rushing brown stream of water mixed with mud, sand and stones. As it turned out, a natural dam of ice broke and the accumulated water mass rushed down. The narrow channel could not hold all the water, it overflowed, flooding the surrounding area. Fortunately, our tents were standing on the relative elevation and the water had not reached.

When the confusion caused by the floods subsided, someone remembered about the Novel. Went looking and found him lying at the edge of the water, face down. Rushed to the guy — thank God, alive! The novel was a near-unconscious, soaking wet. Picked it up, brought to the camp. When he fully came to, I could tell him what had happened:

— I, as usual, sat down on the slope to meditate, when suddenly I felt someone’s presence. There was a feeling that someone is breathing down my neck. I jumped up, looked around — nobody. Not a single living soul around. I felt myself, moreover, to be honest, I was scared. I wanted to return to the camp, but was ashamed: afraid of something unknown. And then there was a terrible roar, and then I saw the swirling flow. The river flooded and the water cut my way to the camp. I began to look around in search of a safe place and then suddenly saw it.

It was a strange creature. Growth with the average person, with disproportionately long arms, reaching almost to the ground, with his head sitting right on the shoulders. He was covered from head to toe with thick brown hair. The face was reminded of the man, rather it was the face of the beast: flat nose, low sloping forehead, small eyes, fangs. Real Bigfoot! He, of course, came out of the vault, which was hidden from me, only because he was kicked out river spill. It is unclear which of us was more scared.

I was not in the power of fear to move, and he tried to pass me at the edge of the water, but could not resist and fell right into the raging stream. Another moment, and a strange man-beast would be gone roaring river, but he grabbed a boulder on the shore. He desperately fought for his life, but his strength seems to have been on the wane. I distinctly heard a request for assistance, though he made no sound. Don’t know how to explain it, but I distinctly heard his silent plea. Perhaps it was a telepathic contact.

Overcome with fear, I rushed to help the unfortunate creature. Tried to help him out, but he fell into the water. Now in mortal danger threatened me. Picked up the thread, I swam twenty meters and only by some miracle managed to hold on and climb ashore. What happened to the snow man, I don’t know: I never saw him again.


Frankly, I personally don’t believe the Novel. Yes, and my friends and found this story a complete fabrication. But here’s what was found on. When the water fully subsided and the river returned to its former state, together with Roman went to the place where, according to his statement, met with a mysterious creature.

Carefully examined all, but Bigfoot is not found. Neither living nor dead. But found other traces. In one place on the dried mud we saw several distinct prints of bare feet. Traces resembling that of a human, with only one important difference — they were much bigger than the large footprint of man. Their length — 43 cm! They could not belong to man.

Out, the novel did not lie? It’s no wonder one of the names the Bigfoot Bigfoot, which means «big foot».

The trails we took pictures and showed the biologists, but we are ridiculed. All the experts to whom we spoke, said: «Falsification». Well, maybe we, unknowingly, bought into a clever forgery Novel. But I somehow think that the tracks were real. And the strange guy really met a Yeti.

Sergey SHIPUNOV Newspaper «Stupeni»

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