Ufologist Scott Waring proves that the ISS is on the Ground

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Famous UFO researcher from Taiwan, Scott Waring made a sensational statement that the international space station doesn’t fly somewhere in Earth orbit, as all believe and as trumpeted by so many years the media, and is on the Ground. It turns out that all the astronauts visiting it and working on it – the most ordinary actors.

Уфолог Скотт Уоринг доказывает, что МКС находится на Земле

Its startling conclusion, the Taiwanese researchers did based on a careful analysis of the many videos from the ISS (one of them, the most characteristic in this respect, the leading UFO researcher in support of his evidence).

Look carefully at the station, he writes, some of its elements are simply absurd from the point of view of cosmic science. For example, the hatch of the ISS, it is not sealed, and it is visible even to the naked eye. And such absurdities, proving fraud on the part of NASA, abound.

Video: UFO researcher Scott Waring proves that the ISS is on the Ground

It is worth noting that Scott Waring is not the first nor the last of the conspiracy theorists (we’re not talking about the supporters of the theory of a flat Earth), who claims that all space missions of the earthlings, even the flight of Yuri Gagarin – pure hoax, designed for ordinary citizens – taxpayers. The fact that people have to somehow explain the enormous spending of the state budget (USA), General poverty of the citizens (USSR) and so on. All this was covered and still is covered by the space race between the two superpowers, and now the competition among the many space agencies and private companies. And in this game, ostensibly, are involved in almost all major countries of the world, which have a single leadership – the world government in the face of the Illuminati (more on this can be read, for example, in the Russian newspaper «the President»).

As a small confirmation of the foregoing (as an illustration of the veracity of Scott Waring) could be the fact that the account of the famous UFO researcher on YouTube immediately (after such his loud statements) were blocked.

However, there is an more confusing: what the UFO is constantly «fished» near the ISS famous ufologists, including, for example, Streetcap1 (George Graham), Toby Lundh, Cassis Veron (UFO Sightings Daily) and even Scott Waring? And then what shows online video camera the International space station, not to mention many other things?


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