Decrypted famous «letter from the devil» of the XVII century

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Italian scientists using the algorithm found in the hidden segment of the Internet, decoded the letter «possessed by the devil» nun Mary Crocifissa della Concezione.

Расшифровано знаменитое "письмо дьявола" XVII века

Nee Isabella Tomasi 15 years was in a Benedictine convent. One morning in 1676, she woke up with ink smeared hands and face. On the table lay a piece of paper with a mysterious text. Maria revealed that she allegedly possessed by the devil that her hand and wrote the manuscript.

Così un algoritmo ha decifrato il mistero della “Lettera del diavolo” original

More than three centuries, the text could not be decrypted. And now researchers from the research center «Ludum» in Catania (Ludum Science Center) said that they managed to do it. They used the algorithm for decryption found in a hidden segment of the Internet DarkNet. The text was chaotic. It is written using several languages.

The manuscript is devoted to a reflection about the relationship between God, devil and man. So, sister Maria wrote that «God was invented by man,» and «this system doesn’t work for anybody». The text contains the following sentence: «God thinks he can liberate mortals.»

«Probably, Mary was a talented linguist, says the Director of the center «Ludum» Daniele abate. — The text she wrote in the language of his own invention, mixing the alphabets. Each character is well thought out and structured. But the devil, of course, was only in her head.»

The researchers found that the nun was well acquainted with Latin, Greek and runic alphabet. It is believed that Mary received two «messages from the devil», but didn’t write them down. According to scientists, she was suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

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