In the Vladimir region of the lake with all the fish suddenly went underground for a few hours

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In Vyaznikky area of Vladimir region, the whole lake with the whole fauna suddenly went underground for a few hours.

Writes Yaropolch. ru, the villagers Pivovarovo vyaznikovskogo district 12 Oct 2017 found that forest karst lake Sabanci suddenly disappeared. Failure occurred at about 13:30, and in a few hours all the water along with the fish left the lakes under the ground, according to eyewitnesses in the group OK «vyaznikovskiy offroad».

Во Владимирской области озеро со всей рыбой внезапно ушло под землю за несколько часов

The place is beautiful karst lakes in the region left a large crater, the bottom of which are lined with mud.

Lake Sabanci was considered one of the most interesting and mysterious lakes located around the village Pivovarovo. The depth of the lake reached more than 20 meters. The mysterious karstic lake located approximately 40 metres from the famous Pivovarova failure, formed in 1959.

«In the middle of the night sounded a hell of a noise. Only in the morning risked the locals look out of their houses, and in the middle of the forest — the abyss without a bottom. They say that in this place the devils from hell escaped and fled to earth…»

Pivovarovskiy failure is really appalling. Walking through the forest and suddenly find myself on the edge of a sheer cliff with a height of 15-storey building. Not a pleasant feeling.

Pivovarovskiy failure

Во Владимирской области озеро со всей рыбой внезапно ушло под землю за несколько часов

A huge pit, which easily would fit a nine-storey building, now overgrown with shrubs and trees. One of the old-timers told that land in this place then suddenly with a rattle and a Bang up, and then collapsed down, forming a huge pit. For some time it was standing water. Careless of the local people once drowned in this pit.

Searched it but never found even a body has not surfaced. And then the water suddenly gone. And just a couple of meters from this failure there is an old pond. And water in it remain, although it would seem, on the principle of communicating vessels and she had to either go along with the «neighbor», or at least change your level.

Apparently, now it’s time for lake Scanty.

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