Children’s doctors say: the planet grows hybrid race

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In an interview with our journalist Alexis Brooks (Alexis Brooks), a famous hypnotherapist Mary Rodvell (Mary Rodwell) explains why you should put that on the planet there are hybrid types of people.

Детские врачи утверждают: на планете подрастает гибридная раса

In my practice, Rodwell specializiruetsya on the study of the so-called «Star children.» According to the suggestion of the hypnotherapist, they represent a new race of hybrid creatures with alien DNA, which are far superior to people with your cognitive abilities.

According to Rodwell, the rapidly increasing number of young children who are directly, or on the hypnosis claim that they are not from this planet. And these statements does not depend on the touch of her young patients with the media.

In fact, this kind of new hybrid race, derived from abductions and experiments on Board UFO. Rodvell it argues on the basis of a set of sessions of regressive hypnosis, in which the children or their mother claimed to have been abducted by aliens. The experiences shared by the patients on hypnotease is a sufficient proof that among us lives a new kind of people.

Rodwell said: «They definitely upgraded. Their ability to think and reason, is very high. They also present the realization of a multidimensional experience. While parents tell their children scares the children on the contrary, talk about it quite naturally».

The only thing that distinguishes these new people from all of us, a different perception of the world. Rodvell believes that a number of conditions, including Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD, that these children are often diagnosed, are actually a symptom of hidden abilities directly resulting from genetic manipulation with the help of a technologically advanced alien race.

If this is true, then the so-called «junk DNA» in our genome can provide a range of cognitive functions that have never been studied by science. Unlike past decades, today we have much more information on these syndromes.

In fact, gene still need to study and learn, because genetics don’t quite know how one gene affects the other and how deep this interaction. Generally speaking, modern science has not yet reached such a level that it can fully understand and explain the subtle mechanism through which life is constantly updated.

Professor Sam Chang (Sam Chang), one of the first professionals that promotes the idea that “junk DNA” is extraterrestrial in origin, held the same opinion. According to him, «these alien sequences in the genome have their own internal regulatory systems and Autonomous».

Alien Expert Says: We Are Now Sharing Our Planet With A NEW Species Of HUMANS — the original

Evolution depends on adaptation, so that adaptation has become a standard requires many thousands of years. At the same time, we see radical differences in people within two or three consecutive generations – a new generation of physically and psychologically very different from their parents. The only reasonable explanation so noticeable gap is the assumption that the genome of humans is held constant manipulation, there is definitely an external factor.

To date, unclear remained only one question: when the aliens open “will arrive” – all of humanity will eventually move up to “higher intelligence”, or they’ll put us in museums as ancient artifacts by type neandartaltsev?

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