In Australia found the headquarters of the all-powerful Illuminati

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The Illuminati, according to conspiracy theorists, the all-powerful and very dangerous for humanity in General. This Masonic group, they say, secretly controls the world, including starting wars, revolutions, epidemics satisfied and pits tribes against each other. Now the supporters of conspiracy theories suddenly declared that they have found the suspected headquarters of these puppeteers, and it is alleged in the Australian capital. From there, according to the global conspiracy, this parasitic elite ruling the planet.

В Австралии найдена штаб-квартира всемогущих иллюминатов

We are talking about Parliament house of Australia, and the surrounding areas. These builds, according to the conspiracy theorists have a hidden symbolism and formed into a huge triangle with an eye in it – the famous symbol of the Illuminati. The authors of this surprising finding used satellite imagery of Canberra to study carefully the views of the Australian Parliament from above.

The building of the Capitol and the infrastructure around it represent one big «all seeing eye», if you look at them from the height of bird flight. «All seeing eye» symbolizes the unlimited power of the masons and their constant surveillance of the laity. Even at the Parliamentary building is a glass pyramid, which from a certain angle you can see something like the human eye.

Skeptics acquainted with finding strangers in global conspiracy, claiming that it supposedly only parabolicheskie illusion, however, alternative researchers, and even among eminent scientists (the names keep secret), I do not believe in such huge coincidences. Experts in the field of occult and esoteric knowledge is also reported that in the decoration of the interior of the building of the Australian Parliament generally there is countless Masonic symbols. For example, the same pyramid is inscribed in her «all-seeing eye», which can be found on the American dollar.

В Австралии найдена штаб-квартира всемогущих иллюминатов

The theory of the Illuminati is based on the alleged existence of the Almighty in the world of secret societies, which emerged in the early 18th century in Munich. It brings together different orders and brotherhoods mystical and occult-philosophical sense. According to the official version, this company has long disbanded, but the conspiracy theorists, of course, don’t believe it. Alternative researchers claim that everything in the world has 6 thousand of the Illuminati, with its enormous wealth and unlimited power. This includes high-ranking Russian citizens. Out of this society is impossible – when one of its members dies, another find from the world of politics, business, science or religion.

Well, perhaps supporters of the world conspiracy right, judging by how horrible and unfair our world, however, which gives what changes the current discovery – the discovery of the headquarters of the Illuminati? That is the question…


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