The magic mirror of the past

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Волшебные зеркала прошлого

In Pushkin’s «the Tale of the dead Princess and the seven knights» repeatedly mentioned the magic mirror, which extolled the beauty of the evil Queen. But not only did it know who is more beautiful, and even showed the Queen her charming stepdaughter-rival…

Of course, Pushkin was known to many ancient traditions, based on which he wrote his delightful tales in verse. But the question is: how true are these stories, well, at least with respect to the magic mirror?. .

Magic mirror pan Twardowski

In the XX century in an old Polish Church found an unusual mirror. The inscription in Latin, claimed that this mirror belonged to pan Twardowski and used it during the magic lessons. I must say that pan Twardowski – is widely known in Poland person: he lived in the XVI century and was a spiritualist and astrologer. It is not surprising that the discovery strongly excited the public and mirror of Twardowski scientists do.

Волшебные зеркала прошлого

As it turned out, the surface is masked image, able to appear only at a certain angle of lighting. In this case they are literally projected onto the walls in a larger view. Like «magic mirrors» were made once in the East, particularly in China. So, in 1086г. Chinese scientist Shen Gua wrote about light transmissive mirrors. On their back side contains twenty ancient hieroglyphs that are indecipherable. Pristupa on the front side, these characters are reflected on the walls of rooms where there are mirrors.

But back to the rarity of pan Twardowski. Scientists were amazed by the quality of the images on it and the subtlety of their details. As stated by researchers, this mirror is like a modern hologram. This means that, the craftsman who made it, knew well the laws of geometrical optics. Even if we assume that the mirror did not ancient Chinese craftsman, and he pan Twardowski, still unclear: where in the sixteenth century could appear such knowledge and technology?

The magic mirror of Nostradamus

«Hero» the following story is a magic mirror who at different times owned two, perhaps, the most mysterious personalities of the past, namely, Nostradamus and the count of Saint Germain. According to legend, the Earl had a huge number of magical items, among which the most surprising was probably the mirror: looking into it a person could see the events of the future and learn their fate. It is not surprising that the count of St. Germain has earned a reputation as a great soothsayer and magician.

According to legend, this mirror belonged to himself Nostradamus, and with it was born the famous and affecting its prediction accuracy.

Волшебные зеркала прошлого

Interesting fact: Catherine de Medici wrote in the diary that he had seen in the mirror of Nostradamus the tragic events of the massacre of St. Bartholomew: pictures of some celebrations, then the fires, the blood flows… then in the mirror appeared the Royal deathbed, and on it a man in women’s earrings and necklace — Henry III. Ended the «session» appearance in the mirrored glass of someone’s big shadow…

It is unknown how he got this mirror to Saint-Germain and where later his traces were lost in the depths of the years. It is possible that this fantastic mirror is stored somewhere in the cache or is gathering dust in some store room of the provincial Museum, and about it nobody knows anything and not even realize what a treasure forgotten here. But one day the magic mirror of Nostradamus will regain «freedom» and its new owner, which would be another famous Oracle and the greatest magician…

The magic mirror of the Sofia Cathedral in Kiev

Ancient sources claim that in the Kievan Rus ‘ also had such a mystical mirror. In 1584г. Polish priest Martin Gruneweg had a chance to visit St. Sophia Church, where he saw a magical stone mirror. Gruneveg wrote about the great green stone, like a mirror, which is placed over the large temple doors. It’s the people wonderful legend: they say, can be seen in this wonderful mirror of what is considered secret, and it has many different stories…

Волшебные зеркала прошлого

After ten years in Kiev visited the Austrian envoy Erich Lyasota, but instead of the magic mirror in the temple, he found only a hole smeared with lime. It turns out that in the decade of the prophetic stone managed to disappear?..

However, Lyasota recorded the legend about how one Prince of Kiev went to war with the pagans and his wife during the absence of the Prince looked in the mirror, and it showed her master. But once the Princess saw her husband in the arms of a pagan mistress and broke the hearts of green crystal… Curious what the round hole left from the missing artifact, the Hagia Sophia can be seen today…

Волшебные зеркала прошлого

There is an assumption that Kiev and other existed in a world of magical mirrors are actually devices presented to the people the aliens or received «by inheritance» from the most ancient highly developed civilizations of the Earth. Indeed, otherwise it’s just hard to imagine how all this «magic» come from? Maybe it came into our physical reality from a parallel universe, more technically and even spiritually developed? Anything can happen… And yet, they were not considered to be «space» and other fantastic gifts for mankind! And are we living on the Earth able to perform miracles, to make incredible discoveries and ingenious use of the fruits of their own mind?..

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