Siberian witch Elena Golunova about the upcoming tragedy USA

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Сибирская ведьма Елена Голунова о предстоящей трагедии США

One of the most charismatic participants of the TV show «Battle of psychics» was Elena Golunova, which calls itself the Siberian witch does not hide that easily communicates with spirits of the dead, which reveal her many secrets of life, including the near future .

The other day she told that communicated with the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, who was known to be the sixteenth President of the United States, moreover his Ghost, they say, still wanders through the rooms of the White house. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that this restless soul has now decided to talk with a Russian witch.

Сибирская ведьма Елена Голунова о предстоящей трагедии США

The spirit of Lincoln told the Siberian witch, that the United States live almost the last days, soon the once powerful and prosperous country will plunge into chaos, because it is waiting for the nightmare after 23 November this year, when the current President, Donald trump will suddenly declare war on China, the more reckless decisions, even difficult to imagine!

Of course, this decision will cause a storm of indignation throughout the country, and dissatisfaction with this absurd rule will be expressed as ordinary people, refuses to go to war and high-ranking officials who do not understand the sense in this move by the United States. All this will lead to civil war, and soon after this part of America will be under water due to the strong earthquake and tsunami caused by nuclear weapons.

In the result, the United States will break up into some small independent States, but because of the former greatness of the United States can be forgotten, while the spirit of Abraham Lincoln with a sigh stated that nothing can be changed. Even if some of the parts will occur somewhat differently or not at that time, the overall picture remains the one he sees from his current position. Donald trump is not just cuts, he’s already sawed the branch on which it sits, and the days of his reign are numbered…

It turns out that fulfilled the prophecy of the great oracles of the latest 44th President of the United States…

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