The scientists found in Antarctica ruins of the castle

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Scientists have found that the ruins are symmetrical, and this, in turn, gave them the opportunity to assume that many centuries ago, there could be a Fort fortress, intended for planting squads.

The mysterious ruins of buildings, which, according to scientists, could be left ancient earth civilization, was discovered in Antarctica in pictures taken using the camera three dimensional Google Earth.

In these pictures, scientists were able to view the symmetrical structures of gigantic proportions, resembling the ruins of an ancient castle. Some scientists have suggested that many thousands of years ago on the southern continent can land squads or even existed in the inhabited territory.

Ученые обнаружили в Антарктиде руины замка

In particular, in 1513 there was even a kind of map, which was caused by possible settlements in the area of the Antarctica. The author of this map was Piri Reis, the Turkish Admiral.

It should be noted that in the southernmost parts of the continent periodically find amazing mysterious objects, the origin of which experts are trying to explain the lowest on the planet humidity, proximity to the pole, the long and strong winds and the most intense solar radiation.

In 2013, Antarctic ice, scientists have captured images of the mysterious pyramids, placed on the ridge of Vinson, location and symmetry which allowed the researchers to assume a natural origin of these structures.

In turn the UFO on the mainland often find Parking spaces the so-called «flying saucers» and even the remains of extraterrestrial aliens who supposedly once landed in this part of the planet. A striking example can serve as the Roswell incident, which occurred in 1947.

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