Camera «NASA» recorded a UFO on the moon

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Камеры "NASA" зафиксировали НЛО на фоне Луны

One of the most famous ufologists have studied the footage «NASA» and noticed there is an unknown kind of object. Someone of Internet users have also noticed there is something strange, and it all comes down to what is nothing more than a mysterious «Black Prince».

The network published a video, where the famous ufologist explains that he noticed there is a kind of unknown flying object, moving on the lunar orbit.

The scientist told that by rotating the recording by 180°, he managed to notice in the cabin of an unidentified object silhouette resembling a human. In the comments under the video a lot of people agreed with the scientist. There were those that stated the similarity of the object on the mysterious «Black Prince», which recently received a message from «Piter.TV». Astrophysicists confirmed that the so-called «Black Prince» is, and he is sending regular signals to our planet, to decipher which scientists still can’t.

Ufologists around the world enthusiastically thank the author of the video for his attentiveness and interest in the plan. They have no doubt that extraterrestrials do exist and they are directly in near-earth space. They even claim that the employees «NASA» since day one have supported these civilizations cooperation. Not just ufologists have pointed to a confirmation of these statements.

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