On the old photo of the moon found an equilateral hexagon

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Mexican paranormal YouTube channel Mundo Desconocido a few days ago, a new video telling about the hexagonal (equilateral hexagon) structure on the old lunar photos.

As noted in the comments to the video, the authors watched a lot of old pictures of the moon, done in 60-ies of the Orbiter “Lunar Orbiter”. On one of these pictures and was discovered the object in an amazingly regular hexagonal shape.

На старом фото Луны нашли равносторонний шестиугольник

На старом фото Луны нашли равносторонний шестиугольник

In the video object called crater and this is probably really a crater, not «pyramid», as its website suggests the famous ufologist Scott Waring. He also writes that it is old and dilapidated, the object is clearly artificial in nature.

The object is almost on 100% is the right hexagon and in nature, these exact objects are commonly found among snowflakes, or other crystals. But the crystalline structure of the lunar object is definitely not similar.

The author of the video notes that next to the crater, craters are located the usual round shape that is not similar to hexagons.

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