The prophecy of Helena Roerich about Germany gave Merkel a real shock

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Пророчество Елены Рерих о Германии привело Меркель в настоящий шок

Helena Roerich as an esoteric philosopher and author of «Agni-yoga» is known not only in Russia but also worldwide. You know its amazingly accurate foresight about the future, but the predictions of this seer about Germany Merkel became known only recently. And, they say, the angel then began to drink a sedative .

In its «Living ethics» Roerich Elena clearly said that in the twenty-first century any events on the world stage will emerge in favor of Russia, because this country is the spiritual center of the Earth, a certain Higher powers. And because all attempts, for example, the same Germany to increase its importance by the neighboring superpower, will look funny Pug barking at the Elephant.

In spite of this, writes Roerich, Germany until 2025, will try to build the machinations of Russia, thus only shaming yourself, because it constantly will be to get into an awkward position and increasingly losing its political and economic importance in Europe. After that, Germany finally realizes that playing the role of trade and Parsley will be begging Russia to take it in its composition, arguing that in Russia, many ethnic Germans, but because a separate German state of a great superpower will be only a boon for all.

By the way, most recently, the web flashed information about the fact that Germany is waiting for «feudal fragmentation» — the disintegration into separate principalities. Well, maybe to Russia in 2025, Germany will join in parts — is not very wise policy of the present leaders of Germany…

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