Anna Anderson is an imposter of the Royal family or the Grand Duchess?

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Анна Андерсон — самозванка царской семьи или великая княжна?

1938 was marked by a sensational trial in Berlin, which attracted the attention of the world community. The city court from the cast of America Anderson, Anna filed a lawsuit to representatives of the dynasty of the Romanov family in recognition of the rights of inheritance of the remaining property of the Royal court.

The plaintiff was posing as the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, supposedly by accident the survivors of that terrible night in July 1918, during the murder of the entire family of the Russian Emperor. Her witness in court was made by Botkin Gleb, personally acquainted with the young princesses, and who conducted with them a lot of time for childish games, is the son of count Eugene Sergeyevich Botkin (personal life-physician of the Imperial family). Two representatives of the Romanov family in the face of the great-granddaughter of Nicholas II Xenia Georgievna and Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich also acted for the plaintiff.

For almost a century, dominates the minds of the mysterious story of the miraculous salvation of the crowned Duchess Anastasia. In the mid 90-ies of the last century in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg found the burial of the former Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, Royal his wife, children and even servants from the approximation of Georgian monarchs. All the found remains were identified and reburied in the St. Petersburg Peter and Paul fortress 18 July 1998. The state investigative Commission came to the conclusion that after the terrible shooting of anyone of the Romanov dynasty failed to survive. If you believe the persistent rumors about the miraculous salvation of the Junior daughters of the king, who rests among the remains buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral? Maybe Anderson Anna just another imposter?

Quiet Peterhof was the Imperial ancestral nest in 25 kilometers from Saint Petersburg. From early childhood the young Princess Anastasia Nikolaevna, as the older of the Royal sisters, was brought up in German severity of the mother of Alexandra. Girls were taught to dress themselves without the help of servants to remove their chambers, make the beds, put the toys. In the morning, they will was tempered, drenched with cold water. The girls were not picky. All the sisters were calm and obedient except for the youngest Anastasia. It was distinguished by a lively character, was a real Tomboy, often was naughty and came up with entertainment for the sisters.

In addition to the two representatives of one of the Romanov dynasty did not believe the stories of Anna Anderson about the «resurrection» of Anastasia. The first strong argument used by the defense in court, and insisted other representatives of the Romanov dynasty, was not the knowledge of the Russian language newly luknajno. Anna did not understand and did not speak Russian, unlike crowned Duchess Anastasia.

On the other hand, she knew some inner intimate moments of the Romanov family, which were known only to members of the Royal family and never advertise them. It is these small precise details immediately convinced Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich of the sincerity of the recognition of Anna Anderson belonging to the Royal family, besides was very strong resemblance, adjusted for age-related changes and the imprint of suffering on her face.

In the course of identification, the court found that Anastasia and Anna was typical of bursitis of both big toes, both had a rare congenital inflammation of the joint capsule of the thumb of both feet. There was another very characteristic feature of the Royal Princess in the form of moles interesting shapes on the back, but the woman at this place was a deep scar. As told in court, the plaintiff, a trace is left of the bayonet, which pierced one of her Bolshevik executioners during the execution of the family when she lost consciousness after firing volleys at close range.

Ex godmother Duchess Anastasia, Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna at first, too, recognized the similarities in Anne from his godmother, heavily modified heavy trials of life. However, it noted that the nature of the Martyr has changed almost to the opposite type and was rough, the woman was closed and not talkative. According to the recollections of relatives and immediate circle of the Romanovs all the crowned Princess was friendly, considerate and helpful. In the First world war the senior Princess and the Queen were sisters of mercy, and the youngest Princess helped them in the hospital. Together they helped the wounded soldiers bought drugs for personal funds, sewed bandages, gauze, soldiers read books aloud and wrote for the critically ill letters home.

It’s hard to believe, but the Grand process lasted almost thirty years. The judge did not found the convincing arguments of the plaintiff and rendered a negative verdict, does not recognize her sole right to the disposition of all assets of the family of the last Russian Emperor. However, her opponents failed to prove that American is not Anastasia.

All the key witnesses from the place of execution the royalty lived in the Soviet Union, and to give any testimony «from behind the iron curtain» could not. In the Soviet Union, this Stalinist period did not raised the topic of the death of the Romanovs by the Bolsheviks, the execution was kept top secret, but the publication associated with the execution of the Royal family of materials of foreign process in Germany, especially the speech could not be.

Re-exhumation of the remains of Nicholas II and all his family members have put before the world’s historians and researchers new questions. Still left to answer the most puzzling question about the fate of one of the Royal daughters Anastasia and the destiny of crown Prince Alexei. Their remains were not discovered forensics in a common grave. For this reason, since the execution of the Royal family around the person Anastasia was different legends and periodically announce different impostor, who calls herself the Grand Duchess Anastasia. But Anna had other claimants to the inheritance of the last Russian Emperor. However, with the emergence of the possibility of DNA examination they all disappeared, and Anna Anderson bequeathed his body to be cremated. Royal mystery of the death and the miraculous rescue of royalty even in the 21st century, and remains undiscovered.

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