Ancient sanctuary, monster and flying aliens: Mysteries of the Ural lake Turgoyak

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It is a large freshwater lake in the Chelyabinsk region for the purity of water called the younger brother of Baikal. Locals believe that bathing in it rejuvenates. But the Turgoyak lake is famous not only healing properties but also a number of features. Here on the Islands are preserved the ancient stone monuments. In the lake water presumably lives in some giant animal, and on the shore supposedly to meet an alien.

Ancient structures

The maximum water depth of 34 meters. Depending on the water level in the lake can be counted 10-12 Islands. The largest of them is called the island of Faith. According to legend, here in the caves in the XIX century lived an ascetic Faith, which did not want to obey her parents and marry the unloved. She founded a monastic Hermitage and treated pilgrims from many diseases.

Древние святилища, монстр и полеты пришельцев: Загадки уральского озера Тургояк

Before the island was called Piniewski — in honor of comrade Yemelyan Pugachev surname Pinaev, who has been hiding in these places. Later, the hermit of the Faith is settled in his home.

But the caves of the island is much older and recluse, and Pinaev. Archaeologists have established that they are created by ancient people several thousand years ago. The weight of the largest slab is 17 tons. How people, not knowing any mechanisms that could raise and strengthen her in a cramped stone room? This mystery remains unanswered.

Scientists suggest that the megalithic (that is, consisting of huge stone blocks) structures on the island are the remnants of an ancient temple and the burial chambers. According to researchers, these buildings were not a small nomadic people. That is, when the present island of Faith was the center of a large state.

The creators of the megaliths were literate people: all the buildings on the island are strictly oriented to the cardinal points. In ancient times the West is associated with sunset and death, so on the Western slope of the megaliths are associated with the burials.

East for our distant ancestors, meant the sunrise and the flowering of life, and on the East side of the island are vertical monoliths symbolizing male and female.

Древние святилища, монстр и полеты пришельцев: Загадки уральского озера Тургояк

Древние святилища, монстр и полеты пришельцев: Загадки уральского озера Тургояк

Each building constructed with the days of equinox or solstice, these days sun rays come in specially made holes.

However, the ancient builders of the megaliths were not the first inhabitants of the Islands on the lake Turgoyak. Scientists have established that people lived here even earlier, from 60 to 100 thousand years ago. Traces of their stay, indicating that this place they were also sacred.

The pattern on the tent

Once again the lake Turgoyak has attracted attention in 2005. At the end of August the inhabitant of the Chrysostom Dmitry N. came here to relax. The weather was great, and only in the last day men in the lake it started raining.

In the morning, about four o’clock, Dmitry woke up. In the tent it was very light. The man looked outside and saw that the light was coming from hovering near the object’s spherical shape. Dmitry decided that this was ball lightning, and froze, afraid to move, not to attract glowing object.

After a few minutes the light went out sharply, as if someone turned it off. The man waited awhile, then climbed into the tent, but he couldn’t fall asleep. Then he decided to warm Breakfast and lit the stove. The flames illuminated the slope of the tent. On it was depicted a strange silhouettereminiscent of a classic humanoid from books or movies, two large eye sockets, elongated face, nose like a small trunk.

Древние святилища, монстр и полеты пришельцев: Загадки уральского озера Тургояк

It’s stopped raining. By morning the tent was dry, and the strange silhouette disappeared. Dmitry came his friend Sergei to take her friend home. During the training session again began to rain, and men saw in the slope of the tent appeared the same silhouette.

Dmitry talked about what happened last night. Friends decided to check whether the mysterious figure arises after contact of the canvas with water. The tent is thoroughly dried over the fire and the silhouette disappeared. But as soon as the tarp was wet «face» of the humanoid appeared again.

Friends hurriedly went away from the lake and taken the tent with them.

Dmitry told about the incident to the Ural researchers of anomalous phenomena. They looked around the tent and found that under the influence of water it appears a pattern resembling a «person» of humanoid.

Unfortunately, free to give the tent for further experiments Dmitry refused, and announced to them the amount for the sale of the artifact, researchers have failed to gather. Secret «Turgoyakskoe the alien» still remains unsolved.

Antics zip

Some experts on anomalous phenomena believe that in this case took place something similar to ceanography. This is when, during a lightning strike on the human skin suddenly develops an image of the surrounding landscape or located near other people.

Such history is known since ancient times. Arab geographer and traveler of the X century al-Masudi in one of his books describes how a warrior, struck by lightning during the battle, on his forehead appeared the figure warped and twisted by pain the face of the enemy, whom he pierced with a sword.

Древние святилища, монстр и полеты пришельцев: Загадки уральского озера Тургояк

In Pennsylvania in the late XX century, on the chest killed by lightning men who tried to hide from the storm under a tree, reflected the picture of this corner of nature: the image of the bushes and fern leaves.

Maybe glowing object, which saw Dmitri, was indeed a fireball, and the tarp has affected someone, the former next to the tent? The tarp is heavy linen or cotton fabric with thick yarn, which has the ability when wet to dissipate static electricity. And doesn’t the mysterious figure with these properties?

The essence of most of our hypotheses is the following: next to the tent there was a strong electrical discharge — from the fireball or from the accumulated in geoelectricity. As a result of the discharge phenomenon occurred, reminiscent of ceanography, only the image is not on the human body, and tissue.

But what is specifically shown on the tent? Here researchers opinions diverge. Someone suggests that this increased projection of some insect, while others believe the figure is a fanciful interweaving of branches, and many believe that this image of extraterrestrial beings, which in the time was near.

Sensation of archaeologists

In 2015, lake Turgoyak worked expedition of divers-archaeologists. Research using the latest equipment has led to interesting and even sensational discoveries.

First, it turned out that the island of Faith from the coast stretches a strip of stones of regular geometric shape. Second, at a depth of two metres have found the dolmen — an unusual stone structure in the cave, which is approximately 5 thousand years ago was carved in the rock. In addition, underwater traces of ancient stone Studio — hewn boulders and chipped.

Древние святилища, монстр и полеты пришельцев: Загадки уральского озера Тургояк

Also at the bottom of the lake was discovered to supply a spring. In form it resembles a small volcano crater -cone with a hole diameter of about 1 meter, from which escapes a powerful cold jet.

Also at the bottom was found a large stone bowl is clearly artificial. Scientists have suggested that once they lit a fire and they served as beacons. Especially on the lake bottom preserved the remains of ancient ships, wooden parts which do not have metal staples or nails — it is possible that these vessels were built by people who did not know about metal smelting.

Expedition leader, senior researcher, Ural branch of RAS Stanislav Grigoriev has explained those findings by the fact that once the water level in the lake was at least 3 meters below, and between the coast and the island of Faith existed in the isthmus. Thus, megalithic structures on the island could be created by ancient people inhabiting the shores of the lake.

Black snakes

In August 2016, the news Agency said about another mystery of the lake Turgoyak. The inhabitant of Miass Michael Nenarokov was floating in a kayak on the water by place, which is popularly known as the krutiki resort (official name is cliff, it is located near the public beach). Suddenly before him out of the water seemed strange ring black color, resembling a coiled giant snake.

Древние святилища, монстр и полеты пришельцев: Загадки уральского озера Тургояк

Michael admits that frightened. But in spite of this, a man within 20 minutes shot a huge animal on camera. The survey was carried out on three sides, rollers of the Accident posted on the Internet.

Commenting on them, users of the world wide web expressed two main versions. First, it could be the work of divers, who, on his own initiative or at the request of the owners of coastal hotels has made a model of the giant animal and drove it out of the water to lure to the lake tourists. And secondly, perhaps this is some kind of a living creature.

Sam Michael is convinced the Accident that saw a real giant snake, and the video, which can be found on the Internet, shows a certain animal rather than the layout. By analogy with the legendary monster of the Scottish Loch ness, the black snake Turgoyak has already given the name of Massassi.

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