Black mirror of princes Drucki-Sokolinski

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In the late 19th century Smolensk nobleman M. P. Gedeonov accidentally discovered that Apole, abandoned mansion of once famous princes Drucki-Sokolinski, there is a black mirror, possessing some magical properties.

Being a curious person and a lover of all kinds of antiquities, Gedeonov for a start, fumbled in rare books. And this is what came out.

For the first time about the black mirrors mentioned in the mid-sixteenth century biography of the alchemist Christopher Wagner. This alchemist allegedly made several of these mirrors meticulously observing technology, the secret of which was produced somewhere in the East. In the biography of the alchemist was reported that the mirror allegedly showed the future and the past and replay events that occur even to distant lands.

The ruins of the estate Drucki-Sokolinski in the village of Opole (Smolensk oblast). Photo

Черное зеркало князей Друцких-Соколинских

One of these mirrors fell to the Polish alchemist Jan Twardowski. And then, apparently, passed from him into the hands of princes Drucki-Sokolinski.

Interested Gedeonov went to Opole. The estate turns out to be empty for a long time. The old Manager, he’s a Keeper, took the guest in the small room and, pushing the velvet curtain opened square mirror with dim, as if the tin surface.

— Here below, you see the cracks, he said. — This of punched someone, and the Emperor of the French Napoleon Bonaparte. When he was with countless armies to Moscow deigned to sleep at the late Prince James. They say, the mirror showed Napoleon’s complete defeat and flight from Russia — well, it is with emotion and hit the glass… and Let me warn you, sir, do not come close to the cursed glass, as if evil did not work!

— What’s gonna happen? asked Gedeonov.

— A lot of things. Fifteen years ago, there is one master tapestries hung. And something long coming out once. He looked — and he lies on the floor unconscious. Brought him on fresh air, barely in the lead. I looked, it said in the mirror, and then the hands of a human would be pulled — and the floor I nailed.

— Tapestry, they say, hung… — randomquote said Gedeonov.

— Tapestry, Aye! Because before it happened in the hall of fire. Somehow I forgot to close the curtains on the mirror. And imagine in front of me is breaking suddenly in the mirror a raspberry sort of beam — and well, fumbling around the room. There is a curtain, broke out, then the curtains, tapestries. Thank God, quickly managed to extinguish the fire.

The ruins of the estate Drucki-Sokolinski in the village of Opole (Smolensk oblast). Photo

Черное зеркало князей Друцких-Соколинских

— Well, my dear, and we will test mirror, said softly Gedeonov and, coming close, looked at him.

There was reflected the whole hall: chandeliers, card table, paintings, furniture, closed dust covers. Not only was… Gedeonov as he neither looked! He creeps on the skin. Meanwhile, the mirror began to darken, to fill with black as slate. Gedeonov recoiled in horror and frantically pulled the curtain.

— They say also that the late Prince Jacob, came to him from another world, the voice of the old man beheld a young man in the mirror himself, but in his old age. And since then never again looked in — was afraid of something… and how not to fear when there is no intervention of the devil, the eternal enemy of the human race, not done!

Generous with the old man, Gedeonov left the manor, and in the evening on the same day described the whole incident in my road notebook.

In 1918, the peasants looted possessions clean, and black mirror is gone.

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