Hysteria over conspiracy theories about reptilians

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In Pennsylvania in the United States police are investigating the murder of 32-year-old Steven Mineo. According to preliminary data, he shot his 42-year-old civil wife Barbara Rogers. The woman allegedly performed the request of Stephen, who suffered from delusions of persecution because of the popular in neo-fascist circles of the «cult reptilians», who allegedly took over the world.

Истерия из-за теорий заговора про рептилоидов

The crime was committed last Saturday. Barbara shot straight to the forehead of his roommate, and then she called in rescue service «911» and called the police. The woman was arrested without the right to bail, Fox News reports. Steven’s body with a gunshot wound to the head was found near his home in the village Kolbo in Monroe County.

According to the suspect, the boyfriend had serious psychological problems. They evolved on the background of the interest in the cult, the adherents of which believe in conspiracy theories, according to which people have ruled or will rule the reptilians are able to take human form and influence the minds of people.

Information about the cult Stephen drew from the Internet, writes The Morning Call. In the end, Mineo decided that the founder of the cult he is a reptilians. This discovery plunged him into a serious depression.

Gradually Mineo was paranoid, he didn’t find a place, afraid of an alien invasion and the end of the world. Tormented by these fears, he asked a friend to shoot him, says Stephen Williams, Lieutenant of police of the city of mount Pocono.

Fatal suicidal decision Mineo could push the new animated film-«horror» «Resident evil: Vendetta», released this year. On Thursday, under the impression, from viewing this painting is about fighting hordes of zombies, Mineo wrote on the page in Facebook: «These apocalyptic movies give you the opportunity to see what awaits us in the future.»

Истерия из-за теорий заговора про рептилоидов

The author of conspiracy theories about aliens-reptilians is a British writer and occultist David Vaughn Icke. In his books the popular conspiracy theorist says that aliens control the world with the moon and Saturn’s rings, which are gigantic translators.

Most theories of Icke resonate in the neo-Nazi environment, because they are in tune with such basic components of this ideology as the «New world order» «Protocols of Zion» and Holocaust denial.

David believes that the world is ruled by the «newly elected» so-called «Illuminati». The main places of their stay are London and Paris. «Illuminati» is represented by the clan of Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, include financier George Soros, says IKE.

«Having offices in many countries — London, Paris, Germany, they control the entire policy, dictate the terms, without leaving their headquarters. They, like spiders, weave a network that gets more alive. Thanks to them, all countries have today the same events, problems, revolution» — writer-conspiracy explained the processes of globalization, in an interview published in 2011, the Ukrainian newspaper «Today».

David Icke, there are tens of followers worldwide, and his books have been translated into 8 languages. Adherents of conspiracy cult is in Russia.

For example, a follower of Icke is the healer Samara Svetlana Peunova, who in 2008 headed a political party «Will». This movement was registered by the justice Ministry in 2012, and 4 years later banned as an extremist for the appeal to the Russian military.

Notoriety in the press Svetlana (Lada-Russia) Peunova received after the statements that in 2012 the Earth is supposed to fly reptiles from the planet Nibiru. She stated in 2011, explaining that the bloodthirsty creatures from Nibiru arrive on Earth for the victims in time 3500 years and finally came to another term.

Истерия из-за теорий заговора про рептилоидов

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