Guardians Syrian boy-magnet asked Russian scientists to help

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Syrian boy Ibrahim Zulfikar (Zulfikar Ibrahim), journalists said that the young «magneto» in honor of the character in the comics and movies about X-Men, able to control metal. To the stomach of the child without any tweaks stick metal spoons and forks. It is reported

Boy with grandparents living in the Syrian port city of Latakia and the boy became a local celebrity thanks to his «superpowers». His grandparents hope that the specialists from Russia will help to solve the mystery of sticking metal objects to the skin of their grandson.

Photo: © Ruptly

Опекуны сирийского мальчика-магнита просят российских ученых о помощи

— We are very concerned, quite frankly, I don’t want it had a negative effect on the boy, says the grandfather of Ibrahim, We know that in Russia there are experts on this subject and we would ask that they studied this phenomenon, or this bio-energy.

Photo: © Ruptly

Опекуны сирийского мальчика-магнита просят российских ученых о помощи

In 2014, many Russian and foreign media published an article about the Russian schoolboy Nicholas Kruglyachenko of the Omsk region, which could also attract spoons and forks. The boy explained this ability so that one day he was electrocuted. Perhaps the Syrians saw this note and, therefore, have pinned their hopes on Russian specialists already had experience of such anomalous phenomena.

In the words of Ibrahim, it all started unexpectedly during lunch.

We ate and suddenly I have half of the hands dropped the spoon. I picked her up and she suddenly stuck to my stomach. I was amazed. My grandfather then took the spoon, wiped it and put it on the tray. But I again picked up a spoon and fork and put it on the belly and they too stuck. It turned out that the stomach stick to all metal objects. I then looked on YouTube and saw other videos with «metal» boys.

Some explain this phenomenon by the fact that sometimes people have something like a magnetic force. Others say that the whole thing in an unusual friction between the skin and objects.


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