The authorities of Yakutia has commented on the origin of the UFO that crashed in Sergude

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The authorities of Yakutia has commented on the origin of the UFO that crashed in Sergude. In Yakutia inhabitants of the village of Kargudi Vilyui ulus and that of their neighbors witnessed the explosion in the sky a UFO, followed by a bright flash. Then the source of this wham-tarracha fell somewhere far in the woods and died. And the witnesses fell into bewilderment…

Власти Якутии прокомментировали происхождение НЛО, разбившегося в Кургудае

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Thought margulici not from not was able to find and take a closer look unknown heavenly garbage, resembling, according to them, a fragment of the aircraft like a rocket (see that?). She and the gift they gave in. They grieved the fact that authorities ignored the above event. Even the comment did not bother. And people were forced to build version of what it was: a ballistic missile, asteroid, UFO or a satellite falling from orbit. Options about aliens somehow were not considered.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants in vain took offense on the power. Power is not asleep, and began to find out that has crashed on the area entrusted to them. Roskosmos they reported that neither from Baikonur or Plesetsk with nothing launched, and expressed his absolute confidence in that orbit, too, no one went out. Topol, launched on March 4 from Kapustin Yar, say, through the Yakutia to fly should not. And he started the day before the Yakutsk incident, and saw it hit the target in Kazakhstan – he really has an alibi.

In General, the authorities, Yakut, and most important, it’s time to do something with all kinds of unknown garbage, generously pouring from the sky in Yakutia. For example, stage rocket «Soyuz» local is no joke zadolbali – in February, they even wrote to the President about this. And the occasion is not funny – rocket fuel is not very good for health and the environment. But while poor people promised only the regular missile launches under construction in the Amur region the Vostochny space centre. The promise will be fulfilled already in 2015.

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