The mystery of the great pyramid of Cheops revealed

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At least, so say archaeologists who have recently discovered unique ancient scroll of papyrus which told the scientist, as was one of the greatest pyramids of the world – Cheops.

Тайна строительства пирамиды Хеопса раскрыта

Scholars translated the text of the papyrus into a modern language, and know that in that distant time to build such a magnificent building was used granite and limestone blocks weighing up to two and a half tons. They had to be transported to Giza for a distance of eight hundred kilometers, as predicted by earlier Egyptologists, since granite can be mined only Asuna and the news to bring — only Tours. Until now, researchers of the ancient Egyptian pyramids could not come to an understanding of how the bronze age people managed to move such huge gravity at such large distances.

Тайна строительства пирамиды Хеопса раскрыта

In the papyrus it is written that the blocks were transported in special wooden boats (see photo below with the reconstruction of a boat), connected by ropes, which are moved through the system of artificial channels.

This is how the head of archaeological expedition, which was lucky enough to find this papyrus, mark Lender:

Currently, we have already identified a pool of the Central channel, which, apparently, is the delivery area of the blocks to the foot of the plateau, where now stands the Great pyramid. The very system of channels, we have yet to understand and calculate. Strikes fantastic the ingenuity of the ancient Egyptians, who, having no modern technology, however, has found a way to move heavy blocks over great distances. Probably equally inventive were they and fixtures for the construction of the pyramid of these heavy blocks. Unfortunately, the papyrus was found about it says nothing, as the document was the person doing it is on the transportation…

Тайна строительства пирамиды Хеопса раскрыта

Scroll of ancient papyrus has been found in the sea port of Wadi al-Dzharf. In this unique delivery technology blocks describes the warden at the time, Merer, who led a team of forty workers. His brigade participated in the transformation of the landscape, but also opens the dam to fill the need for artificial channels with water.

Тайна строительства пирамиды Хеопса раскрыта

Today found a papyrus is the only evidence that the Egyptian pyramids were built by the hands of people of the time, without any aliens or alien technology, and this document, as they say, first hand.

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