Under San Antonio will be looking for unique blind catfish-the Satan, who may already be extinct

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Fish-Satan (Satan eurystomus) is a species of freshwater North American catfish, found only in Texas. The name this fish received for his creepy appearance, it is absolutely colorless and translucent and has no visible eyes (vestigial eyes covered with skin). Also, she has not bone, and graseby skull and swim bladder is slightly smaller than its close relatives.

Fish-Satan is the predator, but fortunately for people, of size it is small, a length of 13 cm.

Под Сан-Антонио будут искать уникального слепого сома-сатану, который возможно уже вымер

There is this little Satan in an underground artesian wells under the city of San Antonio. Opened it in 1947, but until now, this species is very poorly understood because of its inaccessibility and the enormous rarity. This fish to date, may already be extinct, as it hasn’t been met.

As reported by KSAT, in the hands of scientists catfish-Satan did not fall since 1984, and at the universities of Texas have confirmed that neither in 2006 nor in 2010, despite a thorough search of biologists, the fish could not be found. Therefore, a new group of enthusiasts and now wants to start another quest for this fish and for this they first need to find a source for funding.

— Fish-Satan is incredibly cool creation. Most of the residents of San Antonio have no idea what a unique creature lives in deep water caves, says Dean Hendrickson, curator, Department of ichthyology at the University of Austin, Texas and one of the members of the future expedition.

Под Сан-Антонио будут искать уникального слепого сома-сатану, который возможно уже вымер

If the idea of scientists is approved, we carefully inspect the underground reservoirs and, if they’re lucky, get soma Satan for further studies. This has much to «tell» scientists about the ecosystem in which it lives and why the number of these catfish are critically decreased.

  • In Mexico, together with rain fall to the ground fish
  • In China was urgently operated on man alone, holding his anus two alive fishes
  • Fisherman found in the Obi South American mail soma
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