Mysterious bag found on numerous ancient sculptures

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An international team of researchers has made a surprising discovery. Experts have studied the sculptures of various ancient peoples and suddenly noticed the many statues of the same recurring item, namely the strange symbol in the form of small bags with handle.

Загадочную сумку нашли на множестве древних скульптур

Stone statues with mysterious bags made the inhabitants of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Turkey, and Mesoamerica, and many other regions of the Earth. Most interesting is that many of them have never interacted with each other.

Загадочную сумку нашли на множестве древних скульптур

The study authors found that for the first time strange the bag was found in 1996 during excavations in the temple complex of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. Archaeologists led by Professor Klaus Schmidt found in this sanctuary, built about 12 thousand years ago, carved in stone statue with the bag in hand. This boxy styled bag even then it surprised the scientists, however, they did not even know that such motifs are found in the sculptural work of a variety of ancient peoples. Now, this fact cannot be overlooked.

Загадочную сумку нашли на множестве древних скульптур

Experts believe that the bag can be connected with the legends about Anunnaki – divine creatures from Sumerian and Akkadian mythology. However, a large number of statues and bas-reliefs, showing that bag, it was also found in Phoenician, Etruscan, Assyrian, and other cultures. It is noteworthy that very often the mysterious bag depicted in combination with the mythological image of the tree of life encountered in many Nations. Consensus about that image is still there, but it is assumed that it represents the origin and interconnection of all life on the planet. Maybe this is a clue about the real purpose of the bag?

A mysterious symbol bags, crossed the ocean and left an important trace in the visual arts of the ancient inhabitants of South America. It can be seen on numerous stone reliefs and statues created once here. For example, in the ancient Mexican city of La Venta, which was the center of Olmec culture, not so long ago, found the stone figure in the form of a man holding a bag with a handle. At the same time say whether the most ancient of such products for carrying items, can not be sure. Some experts suggest that primitive bags this form could be used to collect berries and fruits, but in this case it is not clear why they had such religious significance for sculptors?

Stone bags were found on the statues of soldiers in the Mexican Toltec city of Tula de Allende. Even in Indonesia, were carved figures depicting these clearly symbolic and very mysterious objects. There is a version that the bag is somehow connected with the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations who came down to our planet, to give people some valuable knowledge. Maybe even technologies: it is possible that they are in the bags and jealously guarded by the characters depicted in all these stone sculptures and reliefs that have survived to our times.


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