Julian Assange has published a strange coded message: conspiracy theorists puzzled

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Yesterday, October 15th, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (Julian Assange) has done in her Twitter message, which now scratching their heads of conspiracy theorists around the world:

Julian Assange опубликовал странную шифровку: конспирологи в недоумении

This chaotic sequence of digits is in our opinion a regular set of letters, which ran through cryptographic software. Having the key to soft and hammering the decoder code we are likely to get a certain phrase that gave Julian Assange. What is it and why is it?

If you believe the gentlemen who are relatively close to Assange, before he hinted that on October 16 there will be something grandiose:

If so, then the meaning of the message Assange is simple: when an event really happens, he will post on Twitter the key to the code and everyone can read this meaningless set of numbers: 5774 4767 6a7a 4d6c 666b 314a 3453 6330 0907 0000 f787 84b4 7616 86f7 a737 5707 5736. The end result is event information, which is still (October 15) was not. And then say: about how Julian Assange is cool!

Julian Assange опубликовал странную шифровку: конспирологи в недоумении

Not the fact that if the encrypted message appeared on 15 October, the event will happen on the 16th. Maybe it will happen the 17th, 18th, or even during the week. However, the hint is intriguing and the message discuss with terrible force. According to General opinion it is most likely about the end of “calm before the storm”, which is 7 days ago, said the President of the United States.

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