Flying Russian girl: who is she?

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Летающая российская девочка: кто она?

The video with the flying girl, filmed somewhere in Russia in 2009, as it may seem strange, still attracted the attention of foreign researchers of paranormal phenomena. And just now the Russians have decided to fill this material in the domestic resource in their native language .

However, the scene of the shooting remains unknown, like much else, such as why Eugene with his smart dog, Tarzan, the announcement in the woods mom with a daughter who is clearly doing a levitation, remained indifferent to this unique video: he gets somehow in the English-speaking segment of the Internet, and not in Russian…

The Russians seemed interested that they have children so easily fly through the air. However, it can also be seen in relation to UFOs: please note that the Russians rarely shoot «flying saucer», although the professional ufologists claim that the interest of aliens to the Russian Federation no less than the United States. Apparently, the Russian people are very difficult to surprise. Well, fly a UFO – what’s wrong with that?

In this case, the flying girl. Interestingly, of course, why in the video Eugene even exclaims in astonishment – what was that about? However, the attitude remains the same – flying girl, well, to some extent funny, but… no more.

But English-speaking users would appreciate this material, it is virtually disassembled into many videos gathered millions of views and plenty of comments. Most people agree that this levitation is likely mom teaches daughter to use to make it a gift from nature. For such training, they have chosen a pretty deserted place in the woods: who knew that this will bring Eugene with his dog?..

Of course, there are other opinions, even to the purely sceptical and ironic that this video, like, is mounted, however, professionals in the video has already proved its authenticity. The main mystery is another – where was it taken, who is this girl who is now grown. Had lost it with the years, his gift of levitation or still flying, for example at night, to not be seen and could not take video? And something else the witch deems (and burned at the stake)…

Video: the Flying Russian girl: who is she?

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