Bigfoot caught on video in an Indian reservation

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Снежный человек попал на видео в индейской резервации

On the popular video hosting «YouTube» there was a mysterious entry, which may captured a Bigfoot. It is reported that the video was received this fall on an Indian reservation the Navajo Nation in the northeast of the U.S. state of Arizona. The author of the material, as you might guess, was a native American (or American) from the tribe of Navajo. The identity operator is still not yet known to the public .

The unusual video shows a dark humanoid figure walking among the bare autumn nature and at some point hiding behind the bushes. The people on the other side of the camera hard to comment on what is happening in the language of the Navajo. The Indians clearly amazed and intrigued by the appearance of the alleged cryptid – they’re trying again to catch the creature in the lens, but the Yeti disappeared. The impression that he either vanished into thin air, or lightning sped away as soon as were behind Bush. The amazing thing is that nearby houses and roads, so where is Bigfoot, remains a pure mystery. Also do not know him if they saw him then someone else from the inhabitants of the area.

Video: Bigfoot caught on video in an Indian reservation

Of course, not all world wide web users believe that the record shows a real Bigfoot. Doubters believe that it was a tall man in black clothes or even a gorilla suit. With the less skeptical commentators have noted that many Indian tribes have legends about creatures, very reminiscent of the kind popularized by cryptozoology Sasquatch. Anyway, the movie has collected about 40 thousand hits and continues to attract the attention of the regulars Network.

By the way, recall that the ability of the Yeti to literally disappear into thin air (likely to leave in a parallel world), have long been known to all who are faced with this cription, as the saying goes, nose to nose, and independent researchers of these mysterious creatures are well aware of this as Bigfoot. But the man, dressed in Yeti is unlikely to be able to escape the watchful eyes and cameras of the Indians. So skeptics now rest on the sidelines…

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