Clairvoyants see in the near future two planetary catastrophe

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Ясновидящие увидели в ближайшем будущем две планетарные катастрофы

According to psychologists, even those who laugh at the seers and oracles, accusing them of charlatanism, have fun reading their predictions for the future.

Moreover, the higher the flashy nihilism of a skeptic, the more his faith in the predictions. Modern Western man, who grew up in the materialistic doctrines, just shy of such belief, strongly denies it, though in his heart, remembering, perhaps, his past life, realizes that this world is not as simple as it is present Orthodox scientists .

Clairvoyant Mr Mikael about the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO

Hereditary Russian psychic healer and clairvoyant Mr Mikael has repeatedly surprised his fans accurate forecasts for the future, though he rarely acts with such statements at the level of the Russian press. However, the journalists dragged into the light of God, his prediction about Yellowstone volcano, which continues to excite almost all of humanity.

Ясновидящие увидели в ближайшем будущем две планетарные катастрофы

That said, for this reason Vladimir:

More about this volcano I said three years ago, predicting disaster in 2010. And will be, now three years later is going to happen this natural man-made disaster, as I see it and the human factor, provoking the awakening of the fire-breathing monster. By the way, Wang said that the Yellowstone volcano will explode and erase from the face of the Earth the United States of America, although it did not specify the exact date. I agree with Vanga – it will be a great disaster for North America. Of course, get Canada, and South America, and even around the world from such an explosion, however, no planetary nuclear winter, as scientists frighten the layman will not.

Clairvoyants on megatsunami that will hit the Asia

As reported by Ren-TV, another terrible prophecy came from an anonymous soothsayer, who said that he saw a huge disaster that needs to happen here, perhaps even before the end of this year.

Ясновидящие увидели в ближайшем будущем две планетарные катастрофы

Psychic predicts major earthquake in the Indian ocean, which will generate a megatsunami. Unusually high waves break over Asian countries, is literally erased from the face of the Earth India, Pakistan, China and Japan, although will get from this natural disaster, and other countries in the region. Everything from a mega-tsunami affected eleven States.

Journalists of the Agency reported that it became known after the predictor has sent a warning letter to the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi. Of course, we are crazy in the world a lot, but India took it very seriously, because something like that and see other clairvoyants, another thing is that nobody calls while the exact date of the alleged disaster…

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